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But before we get to the details of that...

Why do you even
need this book?

Here’s the short answer:

Because I believe the developed world is on the verge of another major financial crisis.

And it could be more devastating than anything you’ve experienced in your lifetime.

I’ll tell you why I believe this in a moment...

Just know that if and when the crisis I’m predicting hits, it could be bigger than the Wall Street crash of 1929...when markets lost $14 billion in one day.

This ruined millions of investors…and led to the decade-long Great Depression.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

I also think we could see the biggest 24-hour fall in share prices since Black Monday in 1987, when the Dow plunged 22% in a day…

If you remember back then, the Aussie market got smashed by 26% — in a day…

And by the end of the month following the crash, the All Ordinaries index was down more than 50%.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The crisis I see on the horizon could turn out to be even worse than the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis…when the US housing market dropped 27% from its peak in 2007 and plunged the global economy into a bitter recession.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,

But as you can see from the chart above, something else happened at the same time.

While US house prices (blue line) tanked...

The price for one ounce of gold
shot up by 461%

Check out the orange line on this chart...

If this next financial collapse happens — and in the pages that follow, I’ll tell you why I think it must…

...I’m predicting a global flight out of shares and into safe-haven assets like gold — just like we saw in 2008.

In other words, as I write this note, we could be looking at an upcoming surge in the gold price…

I believe this surge will be so powerful that once it takes hold, there’s a possibility you may have a hard time trying to get your hands on the yellow metal.

Now, I realise how this sounds.

But it’s not as farfetched as you think.

Over the past century, collapses like this have actually happened multiple times.

And as much as people claim that ‘gold isn’t money’…any time there’s a change to the financial system, it has knock on effects for the price, and demand for gold…

And those with the most gold typically come out on top.

  • It happened in 1922 in GenoaItaly…when the world returned to a partial gold standard after printing money to fund the First World War. Only now, Europeans weren’t allowed to exchange their bank notes for gold coins — only 400oz gold bars — effectively keeping gold locked up in vaults and out of the hands of citizens.
  • It happened again in 1944 at Bretton WoodsNew Hampshire…when 44 nations agreed to peg their currencies to the US dollar after the Second World War. Why? The US controlled two thirds of the world’s gold at the time. And these countries felt safer knowing their bank notes were convertible for physical gold.
  • And it happened yet again in 1971 with the ‘Nixon Shock’…when, fearing a run on US gold, Nixon severed the convertibility of bank notes for gold. Once gold wasn’t pegged to the US dollar, it sent the price soaring over 1,000% within 10 years on the free market…and the ‘age of inflation’ began.

These ‘monetary resets’ are a regular occurrence in recent monetary history.

As you’ve just seen, they happen every 30 years or so.       

In my and Jim’s view, we are well overdue another one.

Now, I have no idea what could trigger it.  

But I do know what the common theme in all previous resets is: DEBT.

And we do have an idea of what global monetary elites may do to try and stabilise a global debt crisis while they agree on what the next monetary system looks like.   

The most recent clue is what happened in Cyprus...

The ‘Brisbane Bail-In’

Now, you may not remember, but six years ago — after the global financial crisis — Cypriot banks realised they couldn’t pay their debts. So they requested an EU bailout.

But it never came.

So in order to avoid bankruptcy, the banks raided the accounts of their depositors — regular folks like you and me.

Some people lost up to 60% of their savings during these state-enforced capital controls.

What would you do in that situation?

Surely you’d just withdraw your money and keep it somewhere safe, right?

Well, the Cypriots tried.

So, parliament declared a ‘bank holiday’ and shut the banks for a week.

When they opened back up, account holders could only withdraw 60 euros a day.

Imagine that…

Citizens had to line up at the bank for hours just to get a fraction of their money out.

Now, you may shrug...and accuse me of scaremongering.

Surely this kind of extreme action could never happen in bigger economies like Germany, the UK, the US or even right here in Australia, right?

But get this...

It was actually on our own shores that world leaders agreed that central ‘ring fencing’ a big percentage of private bank accounts was a workable solution to this kind of problem.

That’s what a ‘bail-in’ effectively is.

And it’s what was debated, discussed and agreed on right here in Australia at the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane. (To this day, most people still don’t realise that fact.)

Now, I’m not saying this is going to happen tomorrow. Or that it’s going to happen at all. I truly hope it never happens.

But while it’s certainly nothing to panic about, it is something to think and learn about. That’s just being prudent and responsible, in my book.

My point is, the Cypriot ‘bail-in’ method gives us an indication of how global monetary powers may react to try and fix the next systemic financial crisis…

And sure enough, in February 2018, the ‘Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017’ passed through Australia’s parliament.

This bill potentially paves the way for banks to legally confiscate a portion of depositors’ funds to prop themselves up in an emergency.

This is money you’ve worked hard for, paid taxes on, and put to work for your financial future.

Do you really want to leave 100% of it tied up in the financial system, even if there’s a minute chance some of it could be used to ‘bail in’ the banks during the next financial crisis?

That’s why I’m advising my readers to consider moving some of their wealth into gold as a matter of urgency.

And it’s why you need to get yourself
a copy of The New Case for Gold today

There are just 5,000 copies, waiting to be posted out to those who come and claim them.

If you pride yourself on being prepared and protecting your family from a potential financial emergency, you should get a copy of this book.

For only $9.99, you’ll learn how to not only protect the value of your savings but, as strange as it sounds, maybe even MAKE money if I’m right and our economy hits the skids in a coming recession.

Again, it might sound odd.

But when you look at the West’s hardest times — the Great Depression…the Second World War…the global financial crisis— there were always a few who made fortunes.

  • Like American investor John Templeton, who bought 100 shares of each firm trading for less than a dollar during the Great Depression — eventually making himself a small fortune when markets recovered.
  • Or French entrepreneur and L'Oréal founder Eugène Schueller, who struck a deal to supply paint to the German Navy during the Second World War, increasing his income nearly tenfold.
  • Or hedge fund manager John Paulson, who famously shorted mortgage-backed securities back in 2007 — making his firm an estimated $2.5 billion during the subprime mortgage crisis.

These investors saw the crisis coming…and the opportunities it presented…and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred to those who took action.

Based on historical precedents, this time is likely be NO DIFFERENT.

And as history has shown us time and time again, one of the best ways to get on the winning side of this wealth transfer is by owning physical gold.

Gold is considered a store of value that protects wealth and purchasing power when recessions hit and currencies collapse.

Just look at some of the worst financial meltdowns of the past two decades.

Every time, gold wins.

In 2002, the gold price in Argentine pesos soared 288% while the currency collapsed 41%...

Or in Russia in 2014, when the gold price shot up 153% while the ruble crashed 63%.

Or in Iceland during the country’s 2008-2011 financial crisis.

The gold price in krona shot up 299%. That’s because the currency plunged 53% in value.

History shows us, time and time again, that paper currencies collapse. And when they do, it’s a good idea to be holding gold.

After the worst currency crisis of the last 100 years — the crash of the Hungarian pengo in 1946 — the value of all Hungarian banknotes in circulation was just 1/1000 of one US cent.

But what about
preserving YOUR wealth
and purchasing power?

Get a copy of The New Case for Gold, and you’ll discover specific wealth-protecting ideas, techniques and strategies that Jim Rickards is taking with his own family’s money…

This is your chance to learn from the defensive investment strategy of a man who has advised the White House on things like global currency crises and financial war-game scenarios.

If you are an Australian resident with a valid mailing address, I will send a physical copy of Jim’s book, The New Case for Gold, to you.

All you’ll pay is $9.99 for the book, and I’ll cover the shipping and handling fee.

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In The New Case for Gold, you’ll discover…

  • Why you should NEVER store gold in a bank, storage unit or in your home. In fact, there’s only one place small bullion holders should store their gold…and you’ll discover it on page 154 of the book.
  • Jim’s personal gold-buying formula. How much gold should you actually buy? You don’t need to bet the farm (not even close), but buying too little gold could leave you dangerously exposed to a failing financial system. There’s a simple formula for determining how much gold any person should have leading into the collapse. This information by itself is worth several times the official cost of this book. (Page 166)
  • Five critical requirements your gold storage provider absolutely must meet. Are you thinking of storing your gold with a third-party provider? Well, there are five critical factors that every private gold storage company absolutely MUST meet. Your gold could be at risk if your storage facility doesn’t meet all five of these requirements! (Page 152)
  • The number one way to avoid banks legally taking your money. This isn’t common knowledge, but after the crash of Cyprus in 2013, a number of banking regulators around the world said that bail-ins (when bank depositors do not issue all their money back when a bank fails) are now possible in future bank crises. In this book, you’ll learn the number one foolproof way to squash any (be it unlikely) attempt by any bank to access your hard-earned money. Anyone can do this. (Page 137) 
  • A super-secret, much more portable version of ‘gold’. This overlooked asset achieves the same store of value as gold (it’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal), yet it’s much easier to transport should the proverbial hit the fan. It’s been used by some of the richest families in the world to protect their wealth for centuries. Today, billionaire investors — from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to hedge fund tycoon Steve Cohen — have millions invested in this asset. (Page 169)
  • Want higher returns than gold with less volatility?  Consider a little-known ‘composite play’ consisting of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This unique option offers a more diversified, stable manner to own bullion. And since this investment is backed by 100% real, physical bullion, you have the option of converting your holdings into physical metal for delivery. As far as we know, this investment isn’t available anywhere else. You’ll learn exactly where to find it and how you can get started. (Page 153)
  • What Jim believes to be the most secure private gold depository on the planet. He’s personally visited their vaults. He’s seen the gold bars with serial numbers, dates and refinery stamps…as well as the ledgers confirming the gold was present and accounted for. If you own a gold fund, make sure it’s one of these. (Page 163)

You’ll find all this and more in The New Case for Gold.

And for less than $10.

Great value, right?

Almost too good.

Certainly too good for me to keep this offer open for too long.

That’s why I’ve ordered a small run of just 5,000 copies to be released at this special price.

They’re waiting to be posted on a first-come-first-served basis.

To secure your copy of The New Case for Gold now, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the link ‘Reserve Your Copy Now’.

Here’s why I’m telling
everyone I know to act now…

Australia’s last recession ended in June 1991.

That means, if you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a recession in your lifetime.

And if you’re under the age of 40, you’ve never experienced a recession in your adult lifetime.

You can attribute this great run to two things…

  1. An abundance of natural resources, and…
  2. Our physical distance from the problems of the world.

Think about it…

We enjoy a moderate climate…a relatively small population in the world’s sixth largest country by land mass…we have a liberal immigration policy…the English language…and a good rule of law.

All these have combined to make us one of the most prosperous countries and sought-after destinations in the world.

This is why we’re called ‘the Lucky Country’.

The economic data backs this up, too...

House prices, for example, are usually a good indicator of how prosperous we are as a country.

Take a look at this graph…

It shows Australian population growth…and the increase in house prices since our last recession in the early 90s.

The New Case for Gold
Source: Bloomberg

Two features stand out in this graph.

The increase in population, the white line, has steadily gone up — 35% overall, with no dips along the way…  

The increase in house prices, the blue bars, has been CONTINUOUS — up $500,000 per home, on average, over the last 20 years.

Strong population growth, coupled with sluggish building approvals in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, has led to a shortage of housing, which has driven prices up.

But here’s the interesting thing. In the past five years, our population growth hasn’t been driven by an increased birth rate in Australia…

But by immigration, mostly from Asia, with a large influx of Chinese in particular.

Now, this is important to understand. You see, a prime destination for fleeing Chinese capital was always Australia, especially the real estate markets in Melbourne and Sydney.

In fact, it was this combination of Chinese immigrants and capital flight that drove the big gains in Australian markets prior to 2018.

This fact is a huge contributor to our record-setting recession-free stretch.

But we can’t count on that this time…

Chinese investment into Australia
plunges by nearly $5b in 2018

At the height of the Chinese capital outflows in 2016, China was losing US$80 billion per month.

At that rate, China would have burned through one trillion in one year…and become insolvent.

So, Beijing did the only feasible thing…

It placed restrictions on private Chinese wealth leaving the country.

For Australia’s economy, cutting off Chinese capital inflows was like turning off the oxygen for a patient in intensive care.

The impact on Australia’s
housing market, growth and
exports was immediate

You can see this on the chart below — it shows a decisive turning point in Australian home prices from mid-2017:

A close up of a map  Description automatically generated
Source: Capital Economics

See the blue dotted line?

It’s a projection of Aussie house prices fromCapital Economics, a leading economic research service.

Capital Economics is predicting a 15% fall from the 2017 peak and flat-lining house prices until around 2022.

In my view, this is a conservative estimate of how far prices could fall. Australia still has some of the most expensive housing in the world.

Morgan Stanley forecasts prices could fall by 15-20% in real, inflation-adjusted terms, or even more in Sydney and Melbourne.

If property prices do continue to decline, it could have dire consequences for most Aussies. Especially if you’re banking on the sale of your house to pay for your retirement.

But that’s not the end
of our problems…

The potential for our housing market to plunge even further is one…

Another is our overreliance on China as a trade partner.

Our exports to China drive our trade surpluses and GDP.

We are heavily reliant on China buying our resources.

Aussie coal for China’s power plants…

Aussie iron ore for China’s steel mills…

And Aussie gold for China’s reserve position.

The trouble is…

Iron ore imports fell by 6% this year, and could drop by as much as 40% over five years as the Chinese building market slows down.

China’s dependency on coal for electricity is slowing too as the government looks for cleaner alternatives for power.

Our economy boomed while China was developing.

And it helped us get through the worst of the global financial crisis relatively unscathed.

But when demand for our two biggest exports from our biggest trading partner slows down…it’s going to hit us hard.

Now, ask yourself this question…

What happens when:

  1. The inflow of Chinese capital dries up completely?
  2. Chinese demand for natural resources is cut in half?

I’ll tell you what…

An Australian recession…

The kind that many Aussies haven’t seen in their lifetimes.

During the global financial crisis, we faired relatively well…

But only because we had China’s demand for resources and property.

This time, we won’t be so lucky.

I have no doubt this sets us up for a recession.

And if I’m right, the effects could be much worse than in 2008.  

It could mean sweeping changes to global monetary policy like we’ve seen throughout history…

Theoretically, what would you do if the stock market crashed by 40% and took decades to recover?

Or if the value of your family home – something most Aussies are banking on selling to fund retirement – suddenly cratered?

Or how about if the cash in your bank account was suddenly locked-up and started to devalue thanks to inflation?

This could wipe out most investors looking to retire anytime soon.

Just as Jim says, ‘The Lucky Country is running out of luck.’

I believe that it’s not a matter of if the Australian economy enters a recession…but WHEN.

Which is why I want to put a copy of Jim’s book in your hands as a matter of urgency.

Not next week...

Not tomorrow…

But right now.

If you have a valid Australian mailing address, I can put one in the post to you immediately — and you can begin building a position in gold and gold-related investments as soon as you wish.

The good news?
As an Australian, you’re
in one of the best places on
Earth to invest in gold

Yet many people I speak to still don’t own any.

Here’s the thing: When it comes to gold, there’s no question Australia is a superpower.

In terms of our land, we’re sitting on a literal gold mine.

In terms of mining output, we’re in the ‘Big 10’ and have been for years.

We should be untouchable in the case of a global financial crisis. We are the gold kings of the world, after all.

But we face TWO big problems…

First, there’s a big difference between gold in the ground and ‘official’ gold.

Official gold is the stuff that central banks hold on to in case the economy goes pear-shaped…something to fall back on.

And the RBA’s coffers are pathetically small relative to the size of the Australian economy.

Take a look.

Australia is behind Libya, Greece and Iraq in gold reserves

Source:, September 2019

Because our economy is significantly smaller than, say, China or the United States — our government reckons it doesn’t need to store as much gold in its vaults.

But as you’ll see in The New Case for Gold

This miscalculation could become a big problem for the Australian government.

See, ‘official’ gold is what counts when it comes to the international monetary system.

If there is a collapse in the system, which I fully expect there to be…there could be another ‘rewriting of the rules’.

Global players will once again have to sit down, like they did at Bretton Woods in 1944, and determine the new world monetary order.

And just like then, some countries will come out winners, and others will come out as losers.

Nations with the largest gold reserves will have the biggest sway. Just as the US and Britain did in 1944.

And countries with smaller gold reserves, like us, will be subject to the decisions made by the bigger holders.

This worries me greatly.

That’s why I’m warning any
Australian who’ll listen

My name is Nick Hubble.

I’m a writer and analyst for one of the biggest investment research and publishing networks in the world – The Agora.

I’ve spent my entire career learning about the virtues of gold.

And I feel extremely blessed to be able to call Jim Rickards an associate and friend.

Jim has spent the last 35 years in risk analysis.

In fact, he’s personally been called in to advise the CIA…the Pentagon…and other agencies that oversee global security.

I’m telling you this because…when there’s a massive threat to the financial markets and world economy...

It’s often his phone that rings

The New Case for Gold
Jim Rickards is an authority on gold and the macroeconomic
‘go-to guy’ for the mainstream newswires.

Grab a copy of Jim’s The New Case for Gold today and you’ll discover...

  • Should you buy gold online? There’s only a handful of online bullion dealers in the world that Jim will personally do business with. These are the most trusted names in the industry, with long and reputable track records. You may never have heard of these dealers before. But if reputation and peace of mind are important to you, stick with one of these firms. (Page 152)
  • The Chinese gold warfare plan and its impact on every Australian who doesn’t hold any gold. Jim visited us in Australia in August 2012 to speak at a private investor gathering in Sydney. It was there that he told a small audience that the US was the Saudi Arabia of gold reserves and China was a gold pigmy. That’s no longer the case. China now has a large amount of chips in a very important poker game. The outcome of this game could dramatically affect your savings and your retirement if you own any traditional investments like stocks and bonds — and especially if you’re dependent on a fixed income. (Page 115)
  • Should you store your gold overseas? Overseas storage will definitely make sense for a lot of people, especially those with large amounts of gold, but there are two crucial factors you must take into account before considering this option. Plus, Jim reveals his favourite jurisdiction in the world for overseas storage. This country has a good rule of law, political stability and a well-trained military, and has not been successfully invaded in more than 500 years. (Page 153) 
  • Are you making the number one gold-buying mistake? This is without doubt the biggest danger for private gold investors. According to Jim, you should never — EVER — buy gold this way. If you do, you could be putting yourself and your finances at serious risk. (Page 165)
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That’s just some of what you’ll learn in Jim’s The New Case for Gold.  

And it can be yours for just $9.99 today.

That’s a steal. Elsewhere you could pay double that.

Source: Google Shopping

But like I said earlier, I believe this is the most valuable book in Australia today.

Take what you learn in it, and you’ll be better prepared to survive and thrive during the next financial collapse…while most of the population doesn’t even see it coming.

With that in mind, I also want to help you navigate what I believe is just around the corner…and profit from it.

That’s why, when you grab your copy of The New Case for Gold for just $9.99 today…

… I’ll also give you 30 days’ access to my and Jim’s monthly investment newsletter, Strategic Intelligence Australia.

The goal of our letter is simple…

To help everyday folks like you
avoid ‘unthinkable’ events and
possibly even profit from
financial crises

If you’ve ever suspected there was more going on in global financial markets and politics than you were being told by mainstream media, well, you’re right.

In Strategic Intelligence Australia, Jim and I cut through the deception that political figures, economists and journalists are feeding you... bring you the truth about how big-picture events can — and will — affect your investments.

You’ll begin to see what most people will never understand, or even know, about financial markets, currency wars, and other decisions made at the highest levels of government.

But more importantly, you’ll know what these decisions mean for your wealth, your life and your future...and why you can’t afford to be complacent — about any of it.

As a key adviser to the US intelligence community, Jim’s in a unique position to warn you about the potential triggers that may set off what we both believe is a coming financial crisis.

Jim has used his insight and skills to create early warning systems for the CIA, the Pentagon — and even the White House.

But you can tap into this insight today by grabbing a copy of Jim’s book for just $9.99 and, along with it, a no-obligation, 30-day trial of Strategic Intelligence Australia.

You’ll also be hearing from me, too.

See, Jim is based in Connecticut. But I’m an Aussie.

I’ve been a market analyst for 10 years. So I’m well placed to translate Jim’s perspective on events into actionable investment advice you can put into practice right away.

These won’t always be ‘defensive’ investment recommendations.

I’ll show you how I believe you could make money in both good and bad markets.

Within a few minutes of purchasing your copy of The New Case for Gold, you’ll see how I’ve built a portfolio that does just that.

And you’ll have a full 30 days to test out those recommendations for yourself before paying a single dollar.

It essentially means that for the next 30 days, you’ll gain two new friends on the ‘inside’, feeding you specific advice usually reserved for paid subscribers.

All for just $9.99 today
when you grab a copy of Jim’s
The New Case for Gold

Here’s another thing to keep in mind…

When the collapse I’m talking about happens…it’s probably going to happen quickly.

You may not see it coming.

And there might not be enough time to run out and buy gold before the price jumps up.

It may not even be available — not readily so, in any case.

Imagine the Perth Mint had a ‘Sold Out’ sign on its website...

And your local dealer was completely out of stock...

Meanwhile, what’s happening with the price?

What if it starts going up more than $100 an ounce per day…and more than $1,000 per week?

It’s running away from you. You want to shift some of your wealth into gold — desperately — but you can’t buy any.

That’s what a buying panic could look like.

Especially in Australia.

As I’ve said, we are in a unique — but precarious — position when it comes to gold reserves.

We’ve got a wealth of gold in the ground, and extensive and sophisticated mining operations getting it out.

But it’s OFFICIAL gold that counts in an international monetary system reordering.

And we’re in a pretty weak position when it comes to ‘official’ gold reserves…making us vulnerable to the whim of other countries when another economic reset comes.

The Reserve Bank of Australia should be INCREASING its gold reserves, like many other nations.

But it isn’t.

And Australian private investors are NOT holding gold as part of their portfolios.

That’s a mistake.

The time to build your personal
gold reserve is now…BEFORE a
crisis unfolds.

Think of gold like insurance on your house.

Nobody wants their house to burn down. But if it does (heaven forbid), you’re glad you had insurance.

That’s also why I don’t pay too much attention to the day-to-day price fluctuations in the gold price.

You wouldn’t call your insurance broker every day and say, ‘Is my insurance more expensive or less expensive?

You don’t cancel your policy for a week and say, ‘I’m going to buy it next week a little cheaper,’ because you’re exposed for that week.

You just hold on to it, with peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared in the case of a financial storm...knowing that your wealth will be preserved, even under dire circumstances, which we may soon experience.

For these reasons, I want to rush Jim’s essential book, The New Case for Gold, to your mailbox.

But don’t do anything yet.

See, I’m yet to tell you about the most valuable part of the entire package…

Australian’s Guide to Gold’s

New Bull Market

I want to show you how, as an Australian, you’re uniquely positioned to benefit from a new gold bull market.

Yes, more so than anyone else in the world…

And how you could leverage gold’s potential run up to $10,000 — as Jim expects — for your personal protection and gain.

I want to show you how, as an Australian, you’re uniquely positioned to benefit from a new gold bull market.

Yes, more so than anyone else in the world…

And how you could leverage gold’s potential run up to $10,000 — as Jim expects — for your personal protection and gain.

That’s why I’ve created a special bonus report, called ‘The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market’.

This new report reveals a gold-based investment strategy specifically for Australian investors…

A strategy that could actually see you come out ahead during one of the most severe monetary ‘resets’ of the last 150 years…

And what looks almost inevitably like our first recession in nearly 30 years.

Download your copy today and discover…

  • The four gold quadrants: These are the four unique advantages Aussies have when using Aussie dollars to buy gold. (And why it doesn’t matter what price you buy at.)
  • The three-step process to ‘golden gains’ (and the unique advantage Australians have over the rest of the world — even better than if you were in the US when it comes to buying gold).
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  • The one type of coin you must steer clear of. (These coins have little value and can be considered a rip-off. You’ll find out which coins hold more intrinsic value.)
  • The secret to importing gold so it doesn’t get confiscated at customs…
  • PLUS…why you should consider buying gold overseas (and the one thing that’ll ensure you do NOT get stung by brokerage fees).

This report is the perfect complement to your copy of Jim’s The New Case for Gold because it gives you specific advice as an Australian gold buyer.

And it’s not available through bookstores – only if you accept this invitation today.

If you want to secure your copy, there’s one condition…

You need a valid
Australian mailing address

Remember, I’ve only got a limited number of these new copies of The New Case for Gold available at this price.

You could pay more than double that online or in your local bookstore.

I’m swallowing this extra cost because I truly believe most Aussies can protect themselves from financial disaster if they just have a little guidance...and a little gold.

But that’s also why I have to put a strict limit on this offer.

Copies of The New Case for Gold will only be available at this price on a first-come, first-served basis.

We don’t expect them to last very long.

To recap, here’s everything you’ll get when you act today:

  • A physical copy of Jim Rickards’ excellent book, The New Case for Gold, shipped to your door.
  • A 30-day, no-obligation trial of my and Jim’s Strategic Intelligence Australia newsletter, including full access to our ‘all-weather’ buy list of investments.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: ‘The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market’,with Aussie-specific advice on how to leverage gold’s run up to $10,000.

All this can be yours today for just $9.99.

But before you make your decision, there’s another incredibly valuable resource I also want to give you, at no extra charge. It’s called…

AUSTRALIA! How To Get Your
Money ‘Off-Grid’ Ahead of the
Greatest Australian Financial
Crisis Since the 1930s

When I say ‘off grid’, I don’t mean you should build a grain silo, buy a solar-powered generator and just wait for Armageddon to rip through the financial system.


I mean acquiring assets that are widely available in Australia, which effectively move some of your money ‘outside the system’.

It could help protect you and your family from financial chaos. It could also help you secure and grow your wealth in the years to come.

Wealthy families have used the first asset I talk about in the report for generations to protect themselves…preserve their wealth…and build financial dynasties.

In fact, I believe it to be the most valuable asset and biggest wealth builder in the world.

On top of that…

It’s probably the most stable and secure asset class you can buy during times of crisis.

Best of all, you can make an investment in it today…because Australia has plenty of it.

And no, IT’S NOT GOLD.

That’s just one asset I want to tell you about.

There’s another ‘under the radar’ asset that can store wealth for generations. Some of the wealthiest families in the world have used it to preserve wealth for hundreds of years.

Again, it’s not gold…or silver…or any type of jewellery. It’s far less conspicuous.

You can store it anywhere, and few people will ever realise its true value.

It’s light. And it’s portable. You can carry it on your person, if you so wish — as long as it’s well-protected.

(I’ve heard stories of people chucking this asset in their carry-on luggage, completely undetected, to move it out of the country.)

The best part?

It’s completely outside of the financial system.

I’ll give you all the details of these two ‘off-grid’ wealth-preserving assets in a brand-new report called: ‘SELL AUSTRALIA! How To Get Your Money “Off-Grid” Ahead of the Greatest Australian Financial Crisis Since the 1930s’.

You’ll immediately be sent a digital copy of this report when you pick up a copy of The New Case for Gold today.

It’s yours at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

It’s included in the whole $9.99 package.

And yes, it IS a package.

There’s more to come…

SPECIAL BONUS #3: 45 Ticking
Time Bombs Waiting to Demolish
Your Portfolio

Over the last 10 years, the stock market has been artificially inflated with near-zero interest rates and enormous amounts of leverage.

As a result, major indices have hit all-time highs.

The US market alone has more than tripled with easy money.

So, ask yourself: How long can this last?

Is this the time to be jumping in?

Or is it the time to GET OUT, at least on a selective basis?

Are the recent falls the beginning of the bubble bursting?

That remains to be seen.

However, in our view…there are at least 45 stocks you’ll want to be free and clear of.

That’s why we’ve detailed each stock you’ll want to avoid at all costs during the next financial crisis, in a third special briefing.

If we’re right, these stocks could lose half their value or more when the crash truly hits.

If you’re a more sophisticated investor, you may even consider shorting some of these stocks when the carnage begins.

At a bare minimum, however, we recommend checking your portfolio…and making sure you don’t have exposure to any of the stocks we profile.

You’ll also get complimentary access to…

Australian Investor’s

Starter Guide

This short guide answers the essential questions beginners have about buying and selling shares.

You’ll learn how to place orders with your broker...which type of brokerage is right for you...the importance of limit much to invest...and much more.

It should help you in putting all the knowledge and recommendations you receive into swift action.

Again, all these special reports come complimentary when you claim your copy of Jim Rickards’ The New Case for Gold today.

So, to sum up:

For just $9.99 today, you’ll receive:

  • A physical copy of Jim’s latest and most relevant book to date…The New Case for Gold…shipped to your door.
  • Bonus #1: The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market. How to leverage gold’s potential run up to $10,000 for your personal protection and gain.
  • Bonus #2: SELL AUSTRALIA: How To Get Your Money ‘Off-Grid’ Ahead of the Greatest Australian Financial Crisis Since the 1930s
  • Bonus #3: 45 Ticking Time Bombs Waiting to Demolish Your Portfolio
  • Bonus #4: The Australian Investor’s Starter Guide
  • And a complimentary 30-day trial to our monthly intelligence briefing…Strategic Intelligence Australia.

Why so cheap?

Well, I figure this package is the perfect way to introduce you to the research we do.

If you like our work as much as I think you will, my hope is that you’ll want to do business with us again in the future.

But of course, that will be totally up to you to decide. There’s no commitment other than ‘giving it a try’ for the next 30 days.

In short, Jim and I are confident our work will speak for itself.

That’s why we’re thrilled to send you this valuable research package for the ultra-low price of $9.99.

If you don’t think Strategic Intelligence Australia is incredible value, simply let me know by phone or email within the first 30 days and you won’t be charged another cent.

But if you like what you see, DO NOTHING.

We’ll automatically bill your card $99 for a one-year subscription to Strategic Intelligence Australia after your 30-day complimentary trial is over.

That’s 33% OFF the regular publisher’s price. It’s just another reason to take me up on this limited offer today.

Don’t delay.

As I’ve shown you, we’ve printed a limited number of copies of The New Case for Gold to give away.

They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

So, if you’re interested, I only ask that you please act soon.

REMEMBER, this full package is not available on, Booktopia or at any other bookstore.

You can only get it right here.

Click the ‘Reserve Your Copy Now’ button below to get started today.

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Nick Hubble Signature

Nick Hubble,
Editor, Strategic Intelligence Australia

PS: Still have some questions about this offer?

Let me answer them now…'

Q: ‘What am I actually getting?

A: Like I said at the very start…

You’re getting what I believe is one of the most valuable books in Australia right now: Jim Rickards’ The New Case for Gold.

You’ll also get access to four exclusive reports:

  • The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market
  • SELL AUSTRALIA: How To Get Your Money ‘Off-Grid’ Ahead of the Greatest Australian Financial Crisis Since the 1930s
  • 45 Ticking Time Bombs Waiting to Demolish Your Portfolio
  • The Australian Investor’s Starter Guide

But alongside that, you also get a 30-day trial subscription to our global perspective newsletter, Strategic Intelligence Australia.

This is the real benefit here.

Of course, the important word there is ‘TRIAL’.

There’s no commitment to stay on beyond 30 days.

I hope you do, of course.

But if you don’t see any value in it, just let us know within your 30-day trial period and not a cent more will leave your account.

And, as I hope I’ve made clear, you get to keep The New Case for Gold, whatever you decide.

Q: ‘How much does it cost?

A: The only upfront cost today is the $9.99 for the book. I’ll cover the postage and packaging.

That’s it.

However, if you like what you see in Strategic Intelligence Australia, you find value in our research and recommendations, and you’d like to continue receiving it…

Simply do nothing.

We’ll automatically bill your credit card $99 for one year’s membership at the end of your 30-day trial.

Again, if you decide you don’t want to continue past your trial period, simply email us at: or call us on 1300 029 501…and we’ll cancel everything, so not a cent more will leave your account.

Once again, whatever the case, your physical copy of The New Case for Gold — plus all the special reports you’ll receive — are yours to keep.

To reserve your copy now, click here.

Q: ‘How much money could I make with your recommendations?

A: That’s an impossible question to answer.

The focus with Strategic Intelligence Australia’s buy list is to recommend strategic plays, with a greater emphasis on WEALTH PRESERVATION in an increasingly risky macro environment.

This is not about punting on small-cap growth stocks that have no earnings.

Of course, we hope our overall strategy pays off, and we believe it will do as the bigger picture plays out.

Especially in the gold market!

But nothing is guaranteed.

We could also be wrong about the bigger picture.

That’s why I make sure our recommendations are sufficiently diversified.

Right now, the portfolio of recommendations is going nicely to plan. Here’s a peek at the complete portfolio, ‘warts and all’:

As you can see, there’s only two recommendations showing small losses at present. However, the entire portfolio is up over 38% on average at the time of writing, which shows you the strategy is working.

You’ll get access to the complete list in your no-obligation, 30-day trial.

Q: ‘How much money could I LOSE with your recommendations?

A: As any fund manager will tell you, the ultimate risk with any investment is that it could go to zero.

And that’s the view we take here at Strategic Intelligence Australia.

Of course, I believe it would take an extreme event for that to happen.

Like I said, we tend to focus on mid- to large-cap stocks and strategic funds, like ETFs.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t go to zero.

And it certainly doesn’t mean they won’t fluctuate in price in the short term.

Remember, we have the long game in mind.

Governments and central banks only think and plan until the next election.

But economic and monetary forces don’t adhere to these pointless deadlines.

And neither should you.

Q: ‘Is Strategic Intelligence Australia worth it?

A: Categorically, YES.

But of course, I’m biased.

The questions you really should ask are…

What will the next big financial crisis look like?

How can you chart a course through it?

Which investments will die in its duration?

And which could flourish?

I believe we can go some way to answering all these questions for you…and help you build a portfolio that can help protect your wealth in the event of a financial crisis.

And the only way you’ll know if our service is worth it is if you give it a go when you click through here.

Q: ‘I’m heavily in debt and/or don’t have money to risk in the stock market. Should I still claim a copy of The New Case for Gold anyway?

A: No!

Please don’t even think about it if you’re stretching yourself thin.

There’s a number of decent (paid and free) personal finance advisers around who’ll be able to help you get out of a hard spot.

We’ll still be here when you’re ready to go.

Q: ‘I have more questions!

That’s fine, but I hope you can appreciate there’s only so many things I can anticipate here.

So, if you’re still on the fence, grab a copy of The New Case for Gold.

It’ll only cost you $9.99.

That’s all you really stand to ‘lose’ today.

But remember, you get a hugely valuable book at a fraction of the retail price.

Then you have the next 30 days to make up your own mind as to whether or not you want to continue as a Strategic Intelligence Australia subscriber.

If you’re worried that you’ll forget to cancel in that time…

Just set a calendar reminder on your email account or phone for a few weeks from now to see if Strategic Intelligence Australia has been worth it.

If it hasn’t, no grudges!

Send one email (or make one call) and you’re done.

Click the link below to get started…

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