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  • A STOCK MARKET CRASH looks close! The All Ords could fall further and harder than 2008...
  • A DEEP RECESSION is likely to follow
  • NO RESCUE is coming this time...
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It’s 11:54 on Tuesday morning, a few weeks from now…

Just home from an appointment, you pick up your phone, tap on the screen and bring up your stockbroker’s app.

But the app doesn’t load. You just get the spinning wheel.

Bloody Wi-Fi’s crashed again,’ you mutter to yourself.’ve got a full signal on your phone.

Hmmm. That’s weird...

Suddenly, an error message flashes up:

‘Sorry, we can’t bring you that information at this time.’

You throw the phone down on the kitchen counter. Try the laptop instead.

Flip up the lid and suddenly your email notifications are going crazy...

Multiple alerts flash up, one after another, then slide off the screen quicker than your eyes can keep pace with.

You focus and manage to catch a few subject lines before they disappear...

‘Don’t panic!’...says one.


‘Respond URGENTLY with action’...says another.


‘Dad, have we been hacked?’...says a third.


It’s all a blur.

Something’s happening, though. Your pulse speeds up...

Swallowing hard, you jump online and navigate to the ABC News homepage.

Eyes dart to the top of the screen:


You try to scroll down but you can’t. Fingers are too sweaty on the trackpad. You swallow hard again. But your throat has gone dry. And now you feel dizzy.

NO...this isn’t right...

But the latest chart from early morning trading on the ASX 200 confirms it. The stock market is in freefall.

Heart pounding, your eyes hurry down the page...

...‘Wall St futures way down’...‘Asian markets rorted’...‘mass selling at the opening bell triggered institutional stops’...‘market collapsing’...‘already the worst crash since 1987...’

The words are right there in front of you on the screen — but you can’t take them in. This is all happening too fast...

Back to your stockbroker’s website. Still can’t log in. THINK...


I know all this seems scary...but remember, this is just a hypothetical situation.

You grab your wallet out of your jacket and fumble through it. You find your broker’s business card, scan it for the phone number. And call.

Busy tone.

Your mind is racing. Is this it?

Re-dial...again...and again...

After five or six minutes of trying, finally, someone picks up. You instantly shout across them: ‘Hello...HELLO!!

No one replies. Then a voice starts speaking. A recorded message...

Following this morning’s market event, all of our brokers are busy. They are dealing with the situation and will update your account accordingly. We will contact you with further information regarding your account in due course. We request your patience while we respond to this event. Thank you for your call.

The phone goes dead.

You pour yourself a big drink and flick on Sky Business. For the next four hours, they wheel out a succession of bewildered faces, each taking it in turns to stare blankly at a revolving tape of red share tickers.

You hardly move.

At 8:13pm, your phone rings.

It’s your broker. He sounds exhausted.

He says the words you’ve been dreading. But you’re numbed by the shock of it all. You can’t muster fury or anguish. Instead, you mumble a quiet thank you and hang up.

Your private portfolio took a 24% hit.

That’s roughly six years of gains, wiped out in a day.

Worse — more than a third of your retirement savings has gone. You couldn’t have done anything about that even if you’d wanted to.

Still dazed, you drain your drink and pour yourself another large measure. That’s when the enormity of the day begins to dawn on you...

Now what?

Your mind starts to race again...

What does all this mean...for your retirement...your savings...your travel your family?

How do you start over?

Is it even possible to make the ground back up?

Not, it seems, in the stock market.

Over the next 13 months, the All Ords continues to plummet.

There’s zero confidence in the Australian economy. Hundreds of businesses close. Overseas investment dries up. It surprises you how quickly it all evaporated.

All up, the market crashes by 49% from peak to trough. It’s worse than the global financial crisis of 2008.

Except, this time, the stock market isn’t the only thing that gets smashed...

  • Unemployment spikes as businesses, big and small, close across Australia. Tens of thousands of men and women scour the internet looking for paid work. Desperate people knock doors begging for odd-jobs. Newly minted university graduates leave for Europe and America in droves.
  • House prices tank by 45%. The property market is teeming with unsold houses, apartments and units. Hundreds of suburban real estate agents board up their windows, while partially built CBD skyscrapers in every major state capital lie abandoned...
  • Mining slows to a snail’s pace as demand for resources falls off a cliff. What little China is buying is struggling to get through much stricter import controls in Shanghai. Already heavily in debt, scores of small Aussie explorers have no choice but to fold. The bigger miners lay off hundreds of staff in a bid to cut costs...
  • The financial system almost collapses. There are runs on two Australian banks as millions of account holders panic and rush to withdraw all their money. Deposit guarantees drop TENFOLD to $25,000 as the government creates ‘emergency measures’ to protect bank liquidity.

Shaken, desperate and afraid, Australians — many of whom have never lived through anything as bad as this — look to their leaders to rescue them from this nightmare.

But the government is powerless. It can’t cut interest rates past zero. It can’t print more money for fear of triggering hyperinflation.

With GDP dropping like a stone, overseas investors lose all interest in Australian government bonds.

Clutching at straws, a hastily convened ‘emergency response group’ in Canberra announces a range of quick-fixes. These include austerity... tax increases...a freeze on super drawdowns...even fuel rationing.

This causes widespread riots.

Various protest groups coordinate on Facebook. The hashtag #AustraliaRiseUp trends wildly on Twitter.


Downtown Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane witness some of the worst social unrest in Australia since the Swanston and Bourke Street riots of 1923.

Angry mobs, scores deep, fight pitched battles with police in the streets, setting fire to cars and smashing up shops and offices.


You can’t believe what you’re seeing on the nightly news.

This doesn’t happen in Australia. Somebody DO SOMETHING.

But there’s no rescue coming

China has ZERO intention of helping us out…

Coal and iron ore exports to China, once a flood, reduce to a trickle.

Though they don’t say it in as many words, this is absolutely retaliation for Donald Trump’s tariffs. A senior ruling party official is quoted in The People’s Daily as saying: 你躺着狗,你得到跳蚤 — which roughly translates to: ‘You lay down with dogs, you get fleas...’

A major diplomatic effort counts for nothing. BHP and Rio put out dire profit warnings. The metals and mining index slumps to a 17-year low.

In a double blow, Chinese buying of Australian property grinds to a complete halt, roughly two weeks into the crash.

For the first time in more than a decade, Chinese sellers of capital city apartments outnumber buyers.

This causes the housing market to nosedive, forcing hundreds of thousands of Australian mortgages underwater.

Padlocks and eviction notices on front doors become commonplace on suburban streets. Default rates skyrocket, increasing the pressure on our beleaguered banks.


Our old allies in Europe have their own battles to fight...

The poms continue to self-destruct at a breathtaking pace. The UK FTSE tanks quickly after Brexit — despite the government assuring investors that ‘fear is already priced in’. A snap general election results in a hung parliament. No one knows what’s going on.

EU member states’ access to the financial centre in London is curtailed after Britain leaves the European Union. Trade deals worth billions of euros collapse.

This sparks a full-blown financial meltdown in Italy and Greece. Spain comes terrifyingly close to going under. Even France needs an 11th-hour bailout from the European Central Bank.

There’s talk of further EU exits. It’s every man for himself up there.


Hang in there — this bit’s almost done. To remind you: this is just a little forward projection on my part. This is all purely hypothetical.

And the Americans turn their backs — on EVERYONE...

Donald Trump wins the 2020 presidential election comfortably. Bernie Sanders hardly lays a glove on him.

Emboldened, Trump doubles down on his marquee isolationist policies, increasing tariffs on China, and threatening Canada, France, India and Mexico with the same. The international community is up in arms.

Worth it!’ says the president, in a defiant Tweet.


In a scheduled phone call, Trump tells besieged Australian Prime Minister Richard Di Natale: ‘I’m doing right by the American should do the same for yours...



  1. A stock market crash looks close! The All Ords could fall further and harder than in 2008...
  2. A deep recession is likely to follow.
  3. No rescue is coming this time...
  4. This looks like it could hurt people in ways they are not expecting right now…
  5. You should get your money off-grid ASAP — hit ‘Continue’ to learn how...