Here’s why you need to
listen to me about gold...


2018 was a rotten year for investors.

The FTSE All-World index, which tracks thousands of stocks around the world, plummeted 12% last year. That makes 2018 the worst year for stock investors in TEN years… since the global financial crisis, to be exact.

Australia normally escapes the worst of these events, but this time we took a beating too.


The ASX 200 had an absolutely shocking end to the year.

October was especially horrific. The index nosedived…$120 billion was wiped from investors’ accounts.

All up, last year was our market’s worst since 2011.

So, is this it for stocks?

Is it time to get out? Or is it too soon to sell?

Is this a sign of worse to come? Or just a big fuss about nothing?

Well, let me tell you: I believe there IS a big threat on the horizon.

To me this looks like the early warning signs of a major downturn. And I think the very worst thing you could do is be complacent about it.

I know that sounds scary…but it’s actually good…

You see, it means you have a little time now to reevaluate your investment strategy heading into 2019 — and to take action…by pivoting into what history tells us is often the safest asset class of all in times of market uncertainty…

Obviously, I’m talking about GOLD.

Some people dismiss gold. They shouldn’t.

Gold could help you preserve a large portion of your wealth if the stock market does take a big hit.

But not only that. The gold market is RISING at the time of recording this. Gold in US dollars is up 10% since I called the market bottom on 28 September last year.

By comparison, the ASX 200 is DOWN by 10% over the same period.

That’s tells you something extremely important…and timely.

It’s tells you that gold is fulfilling its traditional role as a hedge against falling stock prices.

And it further underlines my belief that EVERYONE should have a portion of their wealth invested in gold right now…in case the situation deteriorates. 

And here’s the thing.

It doesn’t really matter what type of gold you buy at this point…

Physical gold has a chance of further rises as more investors flee the equity markets looking for a safer place for their cash.

Also, with the Aussie dollar falling against the US greenback, the price of physical gold in our currency tends to go up — providing the US dollar gold price remains mostly stable, or rises.

That’s also good news for Aussie gold miners, who can command a greater margin on their product — which makes gold more attractive to pull out of the ground.

And if they’re suddenly more profitable, it can give their share price a boost too — which is great news for investors.

This is why I’m so bullish about gold right now.

And why I’m so determined to put my case to every Australian investor.

Please, stick with me for the next few minutes and let me share my reasoning with you. With the markets looking this risky, I’m pretty sure this could be the most valuable use of your time today.

I’ll show you why I believe you need to invest in gold right now.

I’ll show you where I think you can get the most bang for your buck in the gold market — and the type of gold investment you should definitely stay away from.

I’ll even send you a book — straight to your door — that sets out the most important case for investing in gold in Australia today.

All you need to do is keep reading.

Look, if you’ve spent a lot of time investing your money in stocks…if you’ve always tried to make the right decisions…if you’re concerned about the future…

…you need to pay attention to what the market is telling you — and be prepared to act.

A few minutes out of your day right now is not a lot to ask…but you could learn something incredibly valuable…something that could not only save you money…and avoid heartache in the event of a major stock market crash…but could actually make you noticeably wealthier...if gold continues to rise, as I’m confident it will.

This is why I’d like to send you a copy of a brand-new book called The New Case for Gold. In fact, I’d like to post it out to you right away.

I’m not talking about an ‘eBook’.

This is an actual, physical book – with a hard cover

It’s on hold, here in our office, waiting to be posted to you.

If you want it, I need to know now.

There are just 5,000 copies of Jim’s The New Case for Gold reserved for eligible Daily Reckoning readers...and there are more than 50,000 of you.

There is a cost.

But as I’ll explain, I’ve found a way to absorb all of it.

The only thing you need to cover upfront is the $9.22 cost of packing and shipping.

That’s it.

But before we get to the details of that...

Why do you even need this book?

In short, I believe we are on the verge of a crisis unlike anything you’ve seen in your lifetime.

I’m not just talking about a recession (although that’s a very real looming risk, as you’re about to see).

In fact, I’m talking about the biggest monetary ‘reset’ the world has seen in 150 years.

Central banks and governments across the world have manipulated the markets…printed money…and suppressed interest rates to such a level…

I believe a worldwide economic collapse is now inevitable.

If I’m right, it will be the biggest of its kind in modern economic history.

It could be bigger than 2008…

It could cause the hardest one-day drop in global markets since October 1987…

And create the longest total asset price fall since 1929.

Now, I fully realise this might sound hyperbolic.

But let me stress…

When I talk about an international monetary system collapse, I’m not being hyperbolic or provocative.

Over the past century, monetary collapses have actually been a regular occurrence.

In each instance, it forced the major financial and trading powers of the time to sit down around a table…and rewrite the ‘rules of the game’.

Think about it…

  • It happened in 1922 in Genoa, Italy…where, after the First World War, the world returned to a partial gold standard.
  • It happened again in 1944 at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire…where the gold-backed US dollar became the de facto world reserve currency…
  • And it happened yet again in 1971 with the ‘Smithsonian Agreement’ in Washington, DC…where fixed exchange rates were forever altered…the US dollar became the king currency…and the current ‘age of inflation’ began.

Fact is, these ‘rule changes’ happen every 30 years or so.

They’ve been happening since historical records began.

We’re well past due for another one.

I believe it’s coming…

And Australia, and most of its citizens — including you — are woefully unprepared

When it comes to gold — gold in the ground and gold mining — there’s no question Australia is a superpower.

In terms of our gold reserves, we’re sitting on a literal gold mine.

In terms of gold mining output, we’re in the ‘Big 10’ and have been for years.

But we face TWO problems…

First, there’s a big difference between gold in the ground and ‘official’ gold.

When it comes to official gold holdings, the RBA’s coffers are actually pathetically small relative to the size of the Australian economy.

Take a look.

Australia is behind Libya, Greece and Iraq in gold reserves

The New Case for Gold


Source: World Gold Council, October 2018

Because our economy is significantly smaller than, say, China or the United States — our government reckons it doesn’t need as much OFFICIAL gold.

But as you’ll see in The New Case for Gold

This shortfall is about to become a big problem for every Australian

As a country, we have dangerously little gold relative to the size of our economy, which is significant.

And there’s this disparity between private gold and gold mining on one hand…and ‘official gold’ on the other.

The problem is acute: Official gold is what counts when it comes to the international monetary system.

If there is a collapse in the international monetary system, which I fully expect there to be…the countries with the largest gold reserves will have the most bargaining chips.

And countries with small gold reserves will be extremely vulnerable to their power.

That puts our country at risk.

You’ll see why in The New Case for Gold.

But there’s a second, more immediate, reason I’ve arranged such a big subsidy of Jim’s book in Australia.

(I can tell you now that the $9.22 fee means we will not make a cent on it. In fact, it will cost $20.72 to print and ship every copy. So, my publisher, Agora Financial Australia, will actually LOSE $11.50 with each copy shipped.)

We’re swallowing this cost because we truly believe it’s time to do something about the low level of private gold ownership in Australia.

You see, I know that most of you still have not bought any gold…

Or haven’t bought enough.

Worse yet, many people have bought exactly the wrong kind of gold.

In fact, many are abandoning gold as an asset in favour of the strengthening US dollar…or even cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum.

But I promise you: This is a monumental mistake.

And there’s a very important reason for me saying that.

Please listen VERY carefully…

My analysis tells me the Australian economy faces a grim future in the face of this global ‘monetary reset’.

Our lack of official gold reserves is but one part.

The other is a disabling overreliance on one key trading partner.

I’m talking about CHINA.

And it’s why I believe you need to start preparing yourself for this reset, and the imminent recession in its wake.

Not next week...

Not tomorrow…

But right now.

You see, if you’re 27 years old or younger, you’ve never experienced a recession in your lifetime.

If you’re under the age of 40, you’ve never experienced a recession in your adult lifetime.

Australia’s last recession ended in June 1991, nearly 28 years ago.

And you can attribute this great run to two things…

  1. An abundance of natural resources, and…
  2. Our physical distance from the problems of the world.

Think about it…

We enjoy a moderate climate…a relatively small population in the world’s sixth largest country by land mass…we have a liberal immigration policy…the English language…and a good rule of law.

All these have combined to make us one of the most prosperous countries and sought-after destinations in the world.

This is why we’re called ‘the Lucky Country’.

The economic data backs this up, too...

Housing data, for example, is a proxy for wealth creation and general prosperity.

Take a look at this graph…

It shows Australian population growth…and the increase in house prices since our last recession in the early 90s.

Why Australian house prices have risen — and ultimately, why they are now falling


The New Case for Gold

Source: Bloomberg

Two features stand out in this graph.

  1. The increase in population has been material — up 35% overall with only a few dips along the way…  
  2. The increase in house prices has been CONTINUOUS with NO material dips…up $500,000 per home, on average.

Can you see how a rising population and rising home prices go hand-in-hand?

Yet, in the past five years, this analysis has taken on a new and more vulnerable cast…

The population increase has not been driven by increased birth rates among the existing residents…

But by immigration, mostly from Asia, with a large influx of Chinese in particular.

Now, this is important to understand.

Because this single fact alone accounts for the record-setting recession-free stretch.

Now ask yourself this question…

What happens when the inflow of Chinese migrants and
capital dries up?

Australia’s natural resource exports drive our trade surpluses and GDP.

But these exports are heavily reliant on China importing them.

Aussie coal for China’s power plants…

Aussie iron ore for China’s steel mills…

And Aussie gold for China’s reserve position.

The trouble is…

China IS slowing down…and Chinese purchases of Australian exports are slowing with it.

What’s more, China has tightened its rules on how many people can leave the country…and how much of their MONEY can leave the country.

What’s likely to come next?

A looming Australian recession

Look, as I’ve shown you, a great global monetary ‘reset’ is long overdue.

Added to that, Australia’s ‘Lucky Country’ status is centred on one nation — China — which has now changed the rules of its game.

I have no doubt this sets us up for a recession.

And it will bring predictable effects on Australian fiscal and monetary policy.

Fortunately, anticipating those policy changes could present a huge profit-making opportunity for investors.

But first, you need to understand what’s happening…and you need to prepare.

Your preparation starts with this hardcover copy of The New Case for Gold that I want
to send you today

You see, a prime destination for fleeing Chinese capital was always Australia, especially the real estate markets in Melbourne and Sydney.

In fact, it was this combination of Chinese immigrants and capital flight that drove the big gains in Australian markets prior to 2018.

At the height of the Chinese capital outflows in 2016, China was losing US$80 billion per month.

At that rate, China would have burned through one trillion in one year…and become insolvent.

So, Beijing did the only feasible thing…

It closed its capital account.

In other words, it forcibly restricted private Chinese wealth from leaving the country.

For Australia’s economy, cutting off Chinese capital outflows was like turning off the oxygen to a patient in intensive care.

The impact on Australia’s housing market, growth and exports was immediate.

You can see the impact in the chart below — it shows a decisive turning point in Australian home prices from mid-2017:

Falling Australian house prices

The New Case for Gold

Source: CoreLogic; Capital Economics

See the blue dotted line?

It’s a projection of the existing trend.

In my view, this is a conservative estimate of how far house prices could fall.

And by the way, I didn’t make this up…

This was produced by Capital Economics, one of the most widely followed economic research services in the world.

Should this housing reversal in Australia play out like this, the buck will fall to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

But here’s the problem…

The RBA uses the same flawed models as the US Fed and, as a result, has the same flawed forecasts.

As recently as 7 August, 2018, the RBA officially forecasted stronger growth, rising inflation and rising interest rates.

This forecast gave some strength to the Aussie dollar and to the Australian stock market generally.

Yet the RBA forecast gives no weight to a failing China.

Real data, as opposed to model-based forecasts, tells the tale:

China IS slowing…and Chinese capital outflows have practically stopped.

This pulls the rug out from under the Australian economy…and asset values.

You and I both know the declines have already started in housing…

Next, I believe we’ll begin to see falls in the share market…and then the wider economy.

Just as Jim says, ‘The Lucky Country is running out of luck.’

I believe that it’s not a matter of if the Australian economy enters a recession…but WHEN.

And there’s only one asset I believe you can rely on in times of crisis…

Which is why I want a copy of Jim’s book in your hands today.

I’m warning anybody who’ll listen

Look, I’ve spent my entire investing life learning and gaining knowledge about the virtues of gold.

And Jim and I have been friends for a good number of years now.

The New Case for Gold

Left: Jim and I in the Birdcage at the 2017 Melbourne Cup.
Centre: Shooting pool in Melbourne CBD just a few days before.
Right: In Berlin, Germany in December 2016

That’s why, when I got the chance to work alongside Jim Rickards in early 2015, I jumped at it.

Jim has spent the last 35 years in risk analysis.

In fact, he’s personally been called in to advise the CIA…the Pentagon…and other agencies that oversee global security.

I’m telling you this because…when there’s a massive threat to the financial markets and world economy...

It’s often his phone that rings

The New Case for Gold

Jim Rickards is an authority on gold and the macroeconomic
‘go to guy’ for the mainstream newswires   

And lately it’s been ringing a lot.

You see…when you look at the West’s hardest times — the Great Depression…the Second World War…the stagflation of the 1970s — there were always a few who made fortunes.

They saw the crisis coming…and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred from unprepared investors…to those who took action.

This time will be NO DIFFERENT.

And as history has shown time and time again, one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be on the winning side of this massive wealth transfer is by owning physical gold.

Both Jim and I couldn’t agree more on this subject.

Gold is an essential store of value that protects wealth and purchasing power when recessions hit and currencies collapse.

Just look at a few of the worst meltdowns of the past two decades. Every time, gold wins:

The New Case for Gold

Source: The Daily Reckoning

Even in the absolute worst currency crisis of the last 100 years — the crash of the Hungarian pengo in 1946 — gold saved the wealth and purchasing power of those who owned it.

When the currency collapsed, one gold coin became worth 47 QUINTILLION paper currency units (that’s an astronomical number with 30 zeroes!)

Well, in The New Case for Gold, you’ll discover specific and essential wealth-protecting ideas, techniques and strategies that Jim’s taking with his own family’s money…

To help ensure you’ll be on the winning side of the massive wealth transfer coming.

It’s essentially a fully rounded survival strategy for the coming financial storm.

That’s why we want to send a copy of Jim’s hardcover book, The New Case for Gold, to the doorstep of any Australian resident with a valid mailing address, as soon as possible.

Again, all you have to do is pay the $9.22 shipping and handling fee.

In The New Case for Gold, you will learn about…

  • The most secure private gold depository on the planet. Jim’s personally visited their vaults. He’s seen the gold bars with serial numbers, dates and refinery stamps…as well as the ledgers confirming the gold was present and accounted for. If you own a gold fund, make sure it’s one of these. (Page 163)
  • You’ll learn about Jim’s personal gold-buying formula. How much gold should you actually buy? You don’t need to bet the farm (not even close), but buying too little gold could leave you dangerously underprepared. There’s a simple formula for determining how much gold any person should have leading into the collapse. This information by itself is worth several times the official cost of this book. (Page 166)
  • Should you buy gold online? There’s only a handful of online bullion dealers in the world that I’ll personally do business with. These are the most trusted names in the industry, with a long and reputable track record. Yet I’m certain 99% of investors have never heard of these dealers before. If reputation and peace of mind are important to you, stick with one of these firms. (Page 152)
  • The Chinese gold warfare plan and its impact on every Australian who doesn’t hold any gold. Jim visited us in Australia in August 2012 to speak at a private investor gathering in Sydney. It was there he told our small audience that the US was the Saudi Arabia of gold reserves and China was a gold pigmy. That’s no longer the case. China now has a large amount of chips in a very important poker game. The outcome of this game could dramatically affect your savings and your retirement if you own any traditional investments like stocks and bonds — and especially if you’re dependent on a fixed income. (Page 115)
  • You’ll discover why you should NEVER store gold in a bank, storage unit or in your home. In fact, there’s only one place small bullion holders should store their gold…and you’ll discover it on page 154 of the book.
  • A super-secret, much more portable version of ‘gold’. This overlooked asset achieves the same store of value as gold (it’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal), yet it’s much easier to transport should the proverbial hit the fan. It’s been used by some of the richest families in the world to protect their wealth for centuries. Today, billionaire investors — from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to hedge fund tycoon Steve Cohen — have millions invested in this asset. (Page 169)
  • Want higher returns than gold with less volatility?  Consider a little-known ‘composite play’ consisting of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This unique option offers a more diversified, stable manner to own bullion. And since this investment is backed by 100% real, physical bullion, you have the option of converting your holdings into physical metal for delivery. As far as we know, this investment isn’t available anywhere else. You’ll learn exactly where to find it and how you can get started. (Page 153) 
  • Should you store your gold overseas? Overseas storage will definitely make sense for a lot of people, especially those with large amounts of gold, but there are two crucial factors you must take into account before considering this option. Plus, Jim reveals his favourite jurisdiction in the world for overseas storage. This country has a good rule of law, political stability and a well-trained military, and has not been successfully invaded in more than 500 years. (Page 153) 
  • Are you making the number one gold-buying mistake? This is without doubt the biggest danger for private gold investors in 2017. You should never — EVER — buy gold this way. If you do, you’re putting yourself and your finances at serious risk. (Page 165)
  • Five critical requirements your gold storage provider absolutely must meet. Are you thinking of storing your gold with a third-party provider? Well, there are five critical factors that every private gold storage company absolutely MUST meet. Your gold is at serious risk if your storage facility doesn’t meet all five of these essential requirements! (Page 152)
  • The single greatest ‘buy’ indicator ever devised for gold. Jim learned this secret from his friend and master commodities trader, Jim Rogers. Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund in the early 1970s, which earned a massive 4,200% in 10 years and enabled him to retire at age 37. Rogers says this is the only indicator you should be paying attention to when buying gold. In fact, gold is nearing this critical entry point right now, as of this writing! (Page 145)
  • The number one way to avoid banks legally taking your money. This isn’t common knowledge, but after the crash of Cyprus in 2013, a number of banking regulators around the world said that bail-ins (when bank depositors do not issue all their money back when a bank fails) are now a template that will be used in future bank crises. In this book, you’ll learn the number one foolproof way to squash any attempt by any bank to steal your hard-earned money. Anyone can do this. (Page 137) 
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of one of Jim’s most powerful CIA prediction techniques. Not only can this powerful technique be applied to issues of national security, it can also be used to predict currency fluctuations, interest rates and the stock market. EVERYONE should know how to do this, including investors and portfolio managers, to get an edge on future market movements. (Page 132)

You’ll find all this and more in The New Case for Gold.

And for less than $10.

Great value, right?

Too good, according to my publisher.

As I said, it’s going to cost us double that to ship each 182-page book.

But our financial controller has just signed off on $57,500 for the print-run alone.

That’s not all though…

I’ve also been given permission to give you 30 days of access to my and Jim’s Strategic Intelligence Australia newsletter archive.

There you’ll find all my latest recommendations and analysis, which are usually only circulated among paid subscribers.


But this is only the beginning…

In fact, I’m yet to tell you about the most valuable part of the entire package…

The ‘Missing Chapter’: The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s
New Bull Market

I don’t just want to send you a book for practically nothing today.

That alone won’t be enough to help you navigate the coming months.

I want to arm you with the facts, the information, analysis and insight that will help you make better decisions and understand what’s going on in the economy and financial markets.

And lead you to a higher quality of life for you and your family...

That’s why, along with my fellow Australian investment analyst, Nick Hubble…

We created a special bonus chapter — called ‘The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market’ — revealing a specific and gold-based investment strategy…for navigating one of the most severe monetary ‘resets’ of the last 150 years…

And our first recession in nearly 30 years.

This special chapter includes no less than eight canny investment ideas from Nick and I, which could help you leverage the run-up in gold for personal protection…and potential gains.

For example, inside this report you will learn about…

  • The Four Gold Quadrants: These are the four unique advantages Aussies have when using Aussie dollars to buy gold. (This shows the advantage Australian gold investors have when they buy gold, and why it doesn’t matter what price you buy at.)
  • The Three-Step Process to ‘Golden Gains’ (and the unique advantage Australians have over the rest of the world — even better than if you were in the US when it comes to buying gold).
  • Why the Aussie dollar going down is the ‘perfect storm’ for gold buyers (and how you can make money even if the Aussie dollar falls in value).
  • The one type of coin you must steer clear of. (These coins have little value and can be considered a rip-off. You’ll find out which coins hold more intrinsic value.)
  • The secret to importing gold so you don’t get it confiscated from customs…
  • Why you should consider buying gold overseas (and the one thing that’ll make sure you do NOT get stung by brokerage fees).
  • PLUS…three ways to use gold stocks to play the great run-up. These are hands-down the best ways to play the coming gold bull market in Australia today.

Be clear…

The public could pay anything from $21 to $35 for a copy of The New Case for Gold from Amazon, Booktopia or a traditional bookstore.

And that’s WITHOUT this Australia-focused bonus PDF chapter.

And again, so we’re clear…

Access to this special bonus chapter WILL NOT be available at any Australian bookshop or website — ever.

And there is a finite number of hardcopies — just 5,000.

We have them stored at a distributor’s warehouse…ready to send.

If Jim’s previous book editions are anything to go by…they’ll run out extremely fast.


Here’s another thing to keep in mind…

When the collapse I was talking about happens…it’s going to happen quickly.

You won’t see it coming.

There won’t be time to run out and buy gold.

It probably won’t even be available at that stage.

So, don’t put this off.

Whenever the crunch comes, the large players are the ones who are going to get all the gold available…

I’m talking about the institutions, the central banks, the hedge funds, and the customers with relationships with the refiners.

Small investors will find they can’t get any.

Suddenly, the trusty Perth Mint will have a ‘Sold Out’ sign in the window.

Your local dealer will be completely out of stock and back-ordered.

The Mint will stop taking orders.

Meanwhile, what’s happening with the price?

It could be going up more than a $100 an ounce per day…and more than $1,000 per week.

It’s running away from you.

You want it…but you can’t buy it.

That’s what a buying panic could look like.

Especially in Australia.

As I’ve said, we are in a unique — but precarious — position when it comes to gold reserves.

We’ve got a wealth of gold in the ground, and extensive and sophisticated mining operations getting it out.

But it’s OFFICIAL gold that counts in an international monetary system reordering.

This is why we are extremely vulnerable.

The Reserve Bank of Australia should be INCREASING its gold reserves.

They are our poker chips at the table as the next order is worked out.

But the RBA is NOT stockpiling gold like many other nations.

And Australian private investors are NOT holding gold as part of their portfolios.

That’s why the time to build your personal gold reserve is now…BEFORE a crisis unfolds.

For these reasons, I want to rush Jim’s essential hardcover, The New Case for Gold, to your doorstep.

And it’s why — when you claim your copy today — the shipping price also includes 30 days’ complimentary access to our Strategic Intelligence Australia newsletter.

The goal of Strategic Intelligence is simple…

To help you prepare and potentially profit from the coming collapse of the US dollar-based global money system.

In this monthly publication, Jim and I will be writing directly to you…keeping you up to date on how the ‘crisis in the dollar’ and other big-picture events are unfolding.

Jim will warn you about the potential triggers that may set off the coming crisis.

And I will give you specific recommendations, which I believe will protect your wealth during the meltdown…and help you potentially profit from the new system that replaces the US dollar.

You’ll get 30 days to examine the entire Strategic Intelligence Australia archive, when you claim your copy of The New Case for Gold.

But there’s one condition…

You are only eligible to be mailed this heavily discounted book if you have a
valid Australian mailing address

Remember, we’ve only printed a limited number of copies.

And at just $9.22 each, every copy we ship we LOSE $11.50.

That’s why this offer is strictly limited.

And it will only be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


We don’t expect them to last very long.

Now, here’s where this gets really interesting…

There’s another incredibly valuable resource I also want to give you.

At no extra charge…

SPECIAL BONUS: Green Sunset Over the Asia-Pacific: Why Trump’s Trader Fury Could Unleash the Greatest Australian Financial Crisis Since the 1930s

For the last half a century, the US dollar has been the linchpin of the fiat money system we operate in.

As such, all commodities express their value in US dollars.

And most major currencies have their ‘strength’ compared to the US dollar.

But here’s the thing…

Because the US dollar is the epicentre of the financial world, America can run up enormous deficits…because it knows there will still be a demand for US dollars.

Central banks and governments around the world buy US Treasury bonds as part of their foreign reserves to protect themselves in a crisis.

And the more US bonds they buy, the more ‘money’ the Federal Reserve can print.

Essentially supporting the value of the US dollar.

In turn, the US government can keep running up its trillions of dollars in government debt, believing that everyone will ALWAYS want US dollars.

It’s been this way for almost 50 years.

But there’s a very real chance that this cycle is about to come to an abrupt HALT.

That there will be less demand for US dollars.

If that happens, the supply of greenbacks will shrink. Or as Jim calls it, there’ll be a ‘shortage’ of US dollars.

Given that there is no other dominant currency to replace the US dollar, a drop in greenbacks is an enormous problem.

Yet this is NOWHERE in the news today.

No one is talking about what happens if the rug is whipped out from under the financial system.

Except us!

Earlier this year, Jim, Nick and I collaborated on a report explaining this very problem.

And it is a BIG problem, as you’ll see.

While readers of the mainstream press run from headline to headline…there’s a much bigger story brewing behind the scenes.

It begins with Trump’s trade wars.

But it doesn’t end there.

His enemies are China, Germany and South Korea.

But that doesn’t mean those nations stand to lose the most.

In fact, if you trace the consequences of Trump’s policies and his enemies’ retaliations, they all lead squarely to OUR DOOR.

Why? How? And how can you prepare?

That’s what this investigation, Green Sunset Over the Asia-Pacific, sets out to show you.

I’ll give you the passcode to instantly download your own digital version, as soon as I hear from you today.

And I’ll immediately send your hardcopy of The New Case for Gold in the post right away.


As I said, it’s yours at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

It’s included in the whole package.

And yes, it IS a package.

There’s more to come…

SPECIAL BONUS: 45 Ticking Time Bombs Waiting to Demolish
Your Portfolio

You see, over the last 10 years, the stock market has been blown up by near-zero interest rates.

As a result, major US indices have hit all-time highs.

But that was then…and this is now.

Is this the time to be jumping in?

Or is it the time to GET OUT, at least on a selective basis?

The US market has more than tripled with easy money and enormous leverage.

So, ask yourself: How long can this last?

Are the recent falls the beginning of the bubble bursting?

That remains to be seen.

However, in our view…there are at least 45 stocks you’ll want to be free and clear of.

That’s why we’ve outlined each of these stocks for you in a third special briefing.

If we’re right, these stocks could lose half their value or more when the crash truly hits.

If you’re a more sophisticated investor, you may even consider shorting some of these stocks when the carnage begins.

At a bare minimum, however, we recommend checking your portfolio…and making sure you don’t have exposure to any of the stocks we profile.

But of course, not all stocks will go down.

A few could greatly prosper when the crisis hits.

And these are the stocks you’ll learn about in the ‘missing Australian Chapter’ Nick and I have prepared.

Then there’s…

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  • Bonus #1: Green Sunset Over the Asia-Pacific: Why Trump’s Trader Fury Could Unleash the Greatest Australian Financial Crisis Since the 1930s 
  • Bonus #2: 45 Ticking Time Bombs Waiting to Demolish Your Portfolio
  • Bonus #3: The Australian Investor’s Starter Guide 
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The New Case for Gold

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Q: ‘How much money could I make with your recommendations?

A: That’s an impossible question to answer.

The focus with Strategic Intelligence Australia’sbuy list is to recommend strategic plays, with a greater emphasis on WEALTH PRESERVATION in an increasingly risky macro environment.

This is not about punting on small-cap growth stocks that have no earnings.

Of course, we hope our overall strategy pays off, and we believe it will do as the bigger picture plays out.

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Like I said, we tend to focus on mid- to large-cap stocks and strategic funds, like ETFs.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t go to zero.

And it certainly doesn’t mean they won’t fluctuate in price in the short term.

Remember, we have the long game in mind.

Governments and central banks only think and plan until the next election.

But economic and monetary forces don’t adhere to these pointless deadlines.

And neither should you.

Q: Is Strategic Intelligence Australia worth it?

A: Categorically, YES.

But of course, I’m biased.

The questions you really should ask are…

What will the next big financial crisis look like?

How can you chart a course through it?

What investments will die in its duration?

And which could flourish?

I believe we can go some way to answering all these questions for you.

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We’ll still be here when you’re ready to go.

Although we can’t promise the same monetary system will be in place.

Q: I have more questions!

That’s fine, but I hope you can appreciate there’s only so many things I can anticipate here.

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