Agora Financial Australia is offering you a unique opportunity to take advantage of a state of the art trading system with the guidance of a real quant, a feat that up until now has been restricted to institutional traders and investment banks.

By clicking out of this page you'll forfeit the chance to get your hands on one of the most powerful algorithms to trade the ASX today. And you may never see this offer again.

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Unveiling for the first time in Australia


The machine-trading breakthrough that could beat your regular returns by up to SEVEN TIMES…starting next Monday

Have some questions?

If so, I’ve tried to answer some of these below.

But don’t worry…everything is explained fully in the welcome guide and reports you receive when you join Algo Trend Trader today.

Q: I’m new to this and have never traded before. Is this right for me?

A: No. Algo Trend Trader is not for beginners. It’s designed for experienced investors who understand the risks associated with trading stocks.

It requires discipline to stick with the signals — which I believe is the way to get the most out of the system.

If you don’t think you can be disciplined in your approach, this won’t be for you.

Q: Is Algo Trend Trader a training course?

A: NO! This service is for busy investors who are simply looking for a new way to trade some of the biggest markets in Australia.

We will give you a selection of introductory guides — to show you how to action the weekly signals, and how they’re derived.

But if you just want guidance on entry and exit points into some of the biggest markets in Australia, this service is for you.

Q: How do I actually place my trade?

A: You need a trading account with a broker — you can trade over the phone with them or online.

If you want to use leverage when you trade any of the signals, you will most likely need to open a CFD account.

But once you get the hang of placing your weekly trade, you should find that it doesn’t take up too much of your time, every Monday morning.

Q: Do I have to make a lot of complicated calculations?

A: None at all! Tom’s system does all the analysis for you. It calculates the ‘mood’ of the market each Monday morning, telling you whether the market looks ‘bullish’, ‘bearish’ or in transition.

You then decide whether to use these signals to inform your trading decisions for that week. You don’t have to do any maths at all — just interpret the signal accordingly and trade if you want to.  

Q: How much time does it take?

A: Our trade alert emails are short and to the point. Each Monday morning, you will receive a brief explanation of the previous week’s market action.

Then you will see our ‘big six’ charts, along with our summary of what the system shows: The market is either bullish, bearish or in transition. It’s always up to you if you want to trade.

The email takes two to three minutes to read. Then you go online or call your broker and place the trade — which shouldn’t take longer than another couple of minutes.

Q: Will I be trading every day?

A: No. You will get one email a week, every Monday morning, before the market opens. It will contain six trading signals — one for each of our ‘big six’ Australian markets.

The analysis is good for that week. Most often, you won’t hear from us again until the following Monday. The only time we’ll send you a midweek alert will be if the trend in that market changes sharply and suddenly. Then we’ll issue a new signal.

But if you have placed a stop loss at the level we recommend, that should be sufficient to take you out of the position without sustaining a heavy loss (although we can’t guarantee that).

If you want to join this service, you have to put a little trust in the system that produced such stunning results in back-testing.

Q: Is this risky? Could I lose a lot of money?

A: With trading there’s always the potential to lose big. Remember, there’s no such thing as a crystal ball for the markets, and no sure-fire system that calls the market right 100% of the time.

Our aim with this service is to use state-of-the art Wall Street technology to minimise your risk as much as possible. We can never eliminate it completely.

The system will be wrong from time to time, so never risk more in any trade than you could comfortably afford to lose. And remember — if you use leverage in the form of CFDs, and a trade goes against you, you could lose more than your initial stake.

You need to understand — and accept — all of this before you join our new service today.

Q: Can I use leverage?

A: That’s completely up to you. Leverage is not recommended for beginners. You can use the signals to buy into and sell out of these markets as you see fit. If you’re a little more advanced, you can use leverage in the form of CFDs.

But please…see my note above about risk!

Q: What if I get stuck?

A: First, don’t panic. Second, as an Algo Trend Trader member, you’ll have direct access to our customer services team. They can’t give you personal trading advice, but they can help you if you’re unclear about any of the signals.

Bottom line: I want you to make money from this exciting new service, and I want the service to be easy for you to follow, so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time — or fill your head with stress — every time you trade.