As a drone strike on a Saudi oil refinery cuts global
supply by 5% in a single weekend…

One tiny Aussie driller is on the verge of a potential 19 million-
barrel discovery…in one of the most oil-rich
areas on the planet

The ‘U-Block’

Read on to discover how a tiny Aussie ‘upstart’ beat
some of the biggest oil companies in the world to the
find of the year — and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Dear Reader,

In the Gulf of Mexico, 50 kilometres off the coast of Louisiana, sits this weird-looking formation known as the ‘U-Block’.

It covers around 20,000 acres…which is about the size of 3,300 MCGs…

And it is said to sit on top of around 19 MILLION barrels of oil.

CONVENTIONAL oil. Not shale.

And the company with exclusive rights to try is a tiny ASX-listed driller that very few people know about.

So, stay with me.

This is a story about how old-school oil industry experience combined with state-of-the-art tech could locate what could lead to one of the biggest new oil finds from a stock on the ASX.

And how you could turn a small stake into a huge, unexpected windfall…provided the timing and exploration success come together on this play.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. We’re talking about a significant discovery, in one of the most oil-rich locations on the planet.

The Gulf of Mexico is said to account for 16% of total US production each year…or 1.7 million barrels of oil a day!

Oil majors have been producing here for decades.

And that’s great for the little firm I want to tell you about today. Because it means all the infrastructure is already there to get any oil to market.

The oil here is high quality, too. It sells for a premium to the standard ‘West Texas’ contract.

That’s not all…

When a company taps a well in the Gulf, it can often churn out oil for DECADES

But you’re probably wondering:

How did a small Aussie-listed company score exclusive access to the U-Block field — under the noses of BP, Exxon and all the rest?

Well, let me tell you, it’s been a long, patient process…

The company first identified this opportunity more than five years ago, in 2014…

They inspected the area with an oil discovery method called Reverse Time Migration (RTM).

Here’s a 3D model of a prospective oil deposit under the U-Block…

Source: Company’s investor presentation

This is state-of-the-art seismic exploration technology…the same methodology the company has used in previous successful oil strikes.

RTM basically takes a massive CAT scan of the area.

Then it produces a 3D computer model of the exploration zone, assessing the prospective oil deposits.

AI algorithms find the best drilling angles for the
oil deposit under the U-Block.
Source: Company’s investor presentation

The management of this firm like what they see here…

So much so that they designated this target as having the most ‘high impact’ potential across their entire exploration portfolio.

And now they’re moving fast to turn this potential into profit.

First, they had independent energy experts, Collarini Associates, audit and confirm their findings.

Then they bid on the lease for the U-Block, which is held by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

The BOEM accepted their bid price…which gave this company up to FIVE YEARS to extract as much oil as it can — exclusively.

And this is just one of three projects — and potential catalysts for the share price — that the company is working on.

Their next round of drilling is due to begin in early 2020.

That’s coming upon us, and fast.

The company’s previous drilling campaign in August saw the stock rise five days!

That’s just a taster of what could be to come…

If the U block drilling campaign is successful…

This company’s stock price could go VERTICAL in a matter of weeks

Yes, this tiny stock is packed with massive upside potential.

And when I say ‘tiny’, I’m talking about a company with a market cap of just over $200 million…

A company whose share price is hovering around 30 cents.

That makes it a SMALL-CAP oil producer.

But to be clear: We’re not talking about a start-up business here.

This company has struck oil before using this same technology.

Not once...

Not twice…

But three times!

Currently, this firm’s other operations produce nearly 2,800 barrels of oil a day…

It’s already produced a million barrels of oil in under a year!

But the U-block discovery…well, that could be next level.

See, this find could deliver …

19 million barrels and a potential billion-dollar bonanza

19 million barrels at a $60 per barrel oil price equates to more than a potential US $1 billion in value. 

That’s nearly five times the company’s market capitalisation!

Because it’s a small-cap driller…its share price is EXTREMELY sensitive to finds like this.

Timing is of the essence here.

Drilling documents are being prepared as we speak.

That gives you a window…a rare opportunity…to get behind this tiny little Aussie-listed driller now…

…in anticipation of what I believe could be one of the big share price explosions on the ASX.

But let’s back up a quick second…

Why invest in oil? And why now?

You’ve probably heard that many of the world’s biggest and oldest oil fields have already peaked or are nearing peak production.

This could prove to be a major problem sooner rather than later.

Current production won’t be enough to sustain the existing — or future — demand for oil.

This situation has come about because oil crashed to as low as US$26 a barrel in 2016, from more than US$100 in 2014.

The consequence was predictable: Energy firms slashed exploration to save money and survive the downturn.

This exacerbates the fact that discoveries of conventional oil have collapsed over the last 20 years.

One firm estimates that the world has consumed 250 BILLION more barrels of oil than were replaced between 2007 and 2017.

What’s kept oil prices low — for now — is American shale oil, otherwise known as ‘unconventional’ oil (due to the way it’s extracted). 

But note this remark from energy analyst Philip Verleger, in an article titled ‘U.S. Oil Production Is Headed For A Quick Decline’ on 11 March 2019…

The statistics point to a one to two-million-barrel decline in production from the frackers. Some but not all this loss may be made up by the increased activity of firms such as Exxon. In short, the growth in US oil output is about to be reversed.

In other words, the world has unwittingly made an ‘all in’ bet on US shale oil…and it looks like this bet is going to bust out.  

Verleger’s forecast was in March this year.

On 29 September, The Wall Street Journal reported…

The American shale boom is slowing as innovation plateausand just when shales importance in global markets has reached new highs following an attack on the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.

U.S. oil production increased by less than 1% during the first six months of the year, according to the Energy Department, down from nearly 7% growth over the same period last year.

If US production goes into decline, there could be a major shortage of crude oil worldwide.

Could we see a repeat run to US$140 a barrel?

Here’s something else you need to know around this. There are major new environmental rules due to take effect on 1 January 2020.

These are known as the IMO 2020 rules, because they are set by the United Nation’s International Maritime Organisation.

This will require ships all over the world — by law — to burn low-sulphur fuel instead of the toxic residue, called ‘bunker fuel’, they’ve been allowed to use up until now.

This is great news for the environment. However, there’s great concern in the industry as to whether the refiners and shippers are ready for this transition.

They’re right to be worried.

Part of the reason for the oil price spike in 2008, to nearly US$150, was similar environmental rules put in place for diesel cars in Europe. We’ve already seen hints of this pressure coming through in the price, as well as news over the last few months.

In April, Bloomberg reported…

The world’s biggest offshore oil supermarket is stocking up for anti-pollution rules that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts will upend energy markets

“Oil traders are hoarding low-sulfur oil components in the hope that prices of compliant fuels will blow out in six to nine months’ time when new IMO rules kick in,” said Nevyn Nah, the head of east of Suez products at industry consultant Energy Aspects Ltd.

And if you’ve ever fancied investing alongside some of the storied legends of the hedge fund world, they’re positioning for the same thing…

The Financial Times reported in January that a group called Enerjen Capital was looking to raise $1 billion to protect (and profit from) from this huge shift.  

And so, this means…

Right now — and in the coming months and years —BIG money in this business could come from firms that discover more CONVENTIONAL oil

Even better, the recent recovery in oil prices is giving the major firms the cash to go looking for acquisitions again.

So…if you can get advance warning of a company that…

  1.  Has found a sizeable and previously unknown oil deposit, and
  2.  Has the rights to pump the oil… 

You could make a great deal of money.

And, thanks to the ‘U-Block’, that’s exactly the opportunity I believe is in front of you today.

You know, it makes me laugh when I hear analysts say that oil stocks are dead.

They’re SO wrong.

Let me show you something surprising…

In the first three months of 2019, the ASX 200 went up 11.2%.

That’s the best quarterly performance since 2009.

But you could have smashed that result buying oil.

It rose 29% over the same timeframe.

See for yourself…

Source: Bloomberg

This is not news to my readers.

At the beginning of the year, I released a report called ‘Three Wild Predictions for 2019’.

I nominated three asset classes I expected to rise this year.

They were Aussie stocks, US stocks…and oil!

(By the way, the ASX had its best six months since 1992 to 30 June.)

For the reasons I’ve stated today, I expect the oil price to go higher still in 2020.

You could make very good money under this scenario…

Let me show you something on that...

Cast your mind back to July 2018.

Just off the coast of North West Australia — in a joint venture with a private equity firm called Quadrant — Perth-based oil and gas producer Carnarvon Petroleum Limited [ASX:CVN] struck the biggest oil find in Australia’s this century.

It hit 125 million barrels of oil equivalent from a single exploration well called Dorado-1.

Following this news, Carnarvon’s share price hit the after-burners…

It rocketed up 450% in SIX weeks

Take a look at the chart and imagine grabbing some of this:

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s pretty spectacular.

But you know what?

I’m EVEN MORE excited by my oil stock’s potential outlook.

Here’s why…

Carnarvon only owned 20% of the Dorado-1 well.

Its joint-venture partner Quadrant owned the rest.

This means Carnarvon had to give up 80% of this 100-million+ barrel bonanza…

Imagine how high Carnarvon’s price could have gone, had it owned the oil outright.

Well, the tiny stock I’ll tell you about in a moment has 100% exclusive access to the ‘U-Block’…and the majority of its other leases.  

Any oil found belongs entirely to this company.

No partners. No sharing the profits with any other company.

Total upside.

The only profit it will share — if it hits oil in the U-Block or anywhere else in the Gulf— is with the US government (no company can avoid that!) in the form of royalties it will have to pay on any profit it makes .

That’s why I believe this company has the potential to turn a small amount of your money into a windfall

Look…who knows what a successful strike could equate to in terms of percentage gains.

It’s extremely hard to say.

But you’ll want to get behind this stock ASAP to be exposed to the highest potential upside.

Every day out of this stock is a day wasted, in my opinion.

Especially when you consider the terrific potential of this find…not to mention the other projects this company has on the go too.

Plus, the oil price is on the up again…

And on top of that, the company has a pair of highly experienced oil and mining industry guys leading it.

One is a geologist with over 40 years’ experience.

He’s known in the industry as a ‘wildcatter’.

And he’s no stranger to finding massive deposits…

The guy leading the U-Block operation has made $1 billion from his previous discoveries…

This ‘wildcatter’ knows — better than anyone — that, in the oil business, big scores fall into the hands of those who buy the right acreage at the right price — just like the U-Block.

That’s what he’s been doing his entire career.

Two ASX-listed energy companies this wildcatter co-founded have sold for major money.

One of them was a company called SAPEX Limited.

SAPEX held seven petroleum exploration licences in South Australia, including two containing 1.69 billion tonnes of coal.

It didn’t take long for suitors to come knocking.

In 2008, it merged with Linc Energy, and was valued at $104 million at the time of the deal.

See the skyrocketing share price at the time…

Source: Optuma

That was a big payday.

But it was tiny compared to this wildcatter’s next move.

See, he also helped found Eastern Star Gas Limited, which bought up leases in the Gunnedah Basin in New South Wales.

It was taken over by Santos in 2011 for $924 million.

In December 2005, Eastern Star Gas shares traded for less than 10 cents.

At the time of the takeover, they were over 80 cents!

That was a 700% return…if you were lucky enough to get in on it!

Those are the public deals we know about.

But he also co-founded and privately sold a development and exploration company called Darcy Energy Limited.

He did that with his friend, a trained geophysicist of 30 years.

Now, the exact same duo are looking for their next big multimillion-dollar payday at the U-Block site in the Gulf of Mexico

I believe they will get it.

And if you act quickly, you could share the spoils with them…

How much do you potentially stand to make?

Well, I’ve already shown you the returns from an unexpected 100-million-barrel oil strike, skyrocketing Carnarvon’s stock 450% in six weeks.

But to give you more perspective, let me show you a few other examples of companies in the energy business.

Take Blue Energy Limited [ASX:BLU]

In June 2017, regional Queensland newspaper The Observer reported on a deal between Blue Energy and leading energy infrastructure company APA Group.

They joined together to build a pipeline connecting the rich Bowen Basin to the southern market.

BLU shares climbed 280% over the following four months.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Then there’s Aussie oil explorer FAR Limited [ASX:FAR], for example…

In 2014, this little firm was prospecting for oil off the coast of Senegal, in West Africa.

On 7 October, it announced it had struck a ‘significant’ oil discovery…

A few months earlier, on 30 June, the stock had closed at 3 cents.

By market close on that fateful day in October, it was over 14 cents.

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s more than 350% in just over three months.

Now, of course, that’s an ‘outside-the-norm’ find...and an outsized gain for investors who got ahead of the rest on the developing story.

But it’s these kinds of stories that I often hunt for in my monthly stock advisory service.

If you’re an investor with speculative capital to spare, they’re the kind of stories you want to hear about.

Just like the U-Block story I’ve just shown you…

This could very easily outshine anything you may have heard about or profited from this millennium so far.

My name, by the way, is Callum Newman.

I’m the founder and editor of one of Australia’s most dynamic investment advisory services, published by Agora Financial Australia.

It’s aptly named…

Grand Cycle Investor

My investing ideas and research take me to ANYWHERE I can find that edge for my readers…

Be it in technology…real estate…the commodity markets…or anywhere in between.

But why the name ‘Grand Cycle’?

That’s easy…

Mainstream economics would have you believe the most important indicators in the economy are GDP, wages and interest rates.

Don’t make me laugh!

The most important factors in the economy are two things only: Land values and bank credit.

It’s how these two things interact that drives the economy up and down.

Australia’s recent property dip/credit crunch, thanks to the Banking Royal Commission, provides a perfect example of this.

For nearly five years, I worked with a renowned economic cycles expert called Phillip J. Anderson.

We launched a service together called Cycles, Trends & Forecasts.

It was based on tracking an 18-year grand (real estate) cycle that underpins the global economy. 

Let me show you the power of understanding this cycle…

In December of 2008, Glenn Stevens, then Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, said:

I do not know anyone who predicted this course of events.

This should give us cause to reflect on how hard a job it is to make genuinely useful forecasts.        

What we have seen is truly a “tail” outcome — the kind of outcome that the routine forecasting process never predicts. But it has occurred, it has implications, and so we must reflect on it.’

Don’t be fooled. Mainstream economics does not account for either bank credit or land values (or cycles).

This is why 2008 blindsided mainstream economists — including Stevens.

Those who understood this cycle were warning of 2008 well before it happened.

One example is from UK cycle economist Fred Harrison’s book, Boom Bust.

This was published in 2005 — and called the peak in 2007 and the depression of 2010. You can still buy it on Amazon today because of its prescience.

See one of his many warnings here from The Guardian news paper in 2005:

The return of the rate to 5 per cent will mark the final phase of the property cycle. Many house buyers who think they are about to pull off great deals this Easter will pay a heavy price in the recession of 2010.’

Fred Harrison’s work is based on the United Kingdom.

My former colleague, Phillip J Anderson, inherited this tradition from Fred Harrison and applied it to the United States.

He passed his knowledge on to me.

I found the economic news and moves made sense once I understood the drivers behind this cycle.

Using this framework is how I track global events in my free e-letter, Profit Watch,every day.

People often ask me how on Earth I can write so much. The Grand Cycle just throws off so many implications…I could write more!

All the analysis that springs from this can be yours, along with strategic speculations such as the oil firm I’m telling you about today.

For the last few years, I’ve been identifying companies with the potential to achieve ‘alpha’ on the ASX…

For example, on 4 January 2016, I alerted readers to a huge US$5 billion development taking place in the desert of Nevada, in the US…

Namely, billionaire Elon Musk’s ‘Gigafactory’.

It’s old news now. It wasn’t then.

But I could see the significance of what was taking place…

His electric car company, Tesla, plans to use this area of 10 million square feet — the equivalent of 174 American football fields — for one thing:

To produce more lithium batteries than the entire world combined.

Much like today’s oil opportunity, I saw an immediate opening in lithium stocks, profiling no less than six of them for my readers in a special report.

Here they are, along with their peak gains in the months that followed:

Pilbara Minerals ……………….190%
Altura Mining……………………365%
Galaxy Resources ………..……319%
General Mining…….…………..233%
Neometals ...........................209%
European Metals……………….185%

Four months later, on 8 April 2016, respected journalist Trevor Sykes wrote in The Australian Financial Review: ‘The hottest commodity of the year so far is lithium.’

My readers didn’t need him to tell them!

Then, later that year, on 16 June 2016, I noticed an obscure link between two separate mining operations taking place at opposite ends of the world…

The first was a project in the Australian desert, east of Kalgoorlie.

The second is in the northern reaches of Scandinavia.

And the ‘link’?

A newly formed mining exploration company called S2 Resources Limited.

It was started by the same man who led his previous firm to a $1.8 billion takeover.

I liked what I saw.

As I wrote at the time:

Should very positive news arrive, S2R may be prone to a significant spike, such is the nature of its shareholders currently.’

It did spike. Massively.

Take a look:

Source: Yahoo Finance

Another big move spotted ahead of time.

But they don’t come much bigger than this next one…

I didn’t know it at the time. But on 11 November 2016, I identified the biggest stock price move of the year…

I mentioned Tesla’s Gigafactory a moment ago.

Well, lithium was not the only thing to soar on the back of it.

So did a little-known computer chip company called Nvidia Corporation.

These guys were (and still are) supplying the gear that powers Tesla’s autopilot system.

Take a look at this chart — it’s a contender for the biggest stock move of the past 10 years!

Source: Yahoo Finance

If you had held on to Nvidia from the time I wrote about it, you could have made 287% (that’s in under three years).

But as you’ll see in a moment, some of my recommendations have paid off a lot sooner than that.

Take this Aussie tech firm, for example (I can’t reveal the name of it as it’s still on my open buy list).

This Aussie-listed company uses artificial intelligence and cloud software to help big companies with their sales, marketing and customer service…

It has major partnerships and clientele like Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Cisco, ANZ Bank and Siemens…

I tipped this stock to my readers back in November 2017.

Two months later, it was up over 104%.

Take a look …

Source: Yahoo Finance

Okay, let me be clear.

I’m not saying you’re going to double your money in two months every time…

Nor am I saying that every stock I recommend will surge upwards. Some of them haven’t. These stocks can be highly speculative and risky. 

I’m just showing you that, provided you get your stock selection right, it’s more than possible.

Take a look at this medical tech start-up, called Volpara Health Technologies.

This company uses AI to predict one of the leading causes of death in women: Breast cancer.

If you were a reader back in April 2018, I would have told you about this awesome little stock…

And in SEVEN short months, you could have made a 137% gain on your money...

Source: Yahoo Finance

Then there’s this next one…my favourite tiny pot stock.

Yes, I know the marijuana industry has been a hot market.

I was turned onto this company by an industry contact. It had recently announced a new, superior CBD oil product range, and excitement was starting to build.

I recommended this tiny Aussie cannabis stock back in July 2018…

Its share price more than doubled in just under nine months…

Source: Yahoo Finance

Again, I’m not saying I get everything right all the time…

But when I do, these are the kinds of moves that can happen

Look, you can invest in an index fund, if that’s your thing.

But I believe the best way to grow wealth is to invest in the RIGHT ASSET…at the RIGHT TIME.

Sometimes that means buying a block of land.

Sometimes that means shares in general.

Sometimes it means specific shares in specific sectors.

In short, I’ve come to learn that your best shot at making money in stocks is if you focus on two things:

  1. Companies with a massive runway of potential growth in front of them

And then you match those companies with…

  1. Big, powerful trends that could drive these stocks forward for years

Oil — believe it or not — is one such trend for 2020.

In fact, as you’ve learnt so far in this letter, I believe the opportunities building in the oil sector could form THE alpha trend of the next few years.

I’ve been monitoring the oil market closely for the last two years…watching it build…and steadily gain in momentum…

At first, it was a few obscure oil explorers on the periphery of the wider sector.

Now, these explorers are turning into producers.

This presents a huge opportunity for investors.

All you need to do is decide if you want to get on board for the ride.

If you like, I’ll send you all the details on the stock that’s targeting the potentially oil-rich U-Block.

I’ll give you its name…share ticker…buy-up-to price…— along with my full analysis of its operation, history, management and prospects.

You can have all of this in front of you in the next few minutes.

BUT...I only want you to request a copy of my new report — called ‘Return of the Wildcatter — if you understand and accept the risks inherent in buying stocks.

If you buy this stock, or any other of the recommendations in my buy list, you’re making a bet that they’ll realise their incredible potential.

As I’ve shown you many times today, that CAN and DOES happen with the best and brightest companies.

That doesn’t mean it WILL happen, though.

Here’s the thing: The same sensitivity to external forces that pushes stocks UP can also send them plummeting DOWN.

I give no guarantees that this small oil stock will go up. Nor that it will go up in a straight line.

Pullbacks WILL happen while you’re holding stocks.

It’s the nature of the beast.

If you buy stocks, especially small-cap stocks with the potential to double quickly, you should also acknowledge their potential to halve — just as quick!

One bit of less-than-perfect news comes out of left field and SMASH — you’re down 30% or more before you know it.

That’s why if you don’t have money that you can afford to lose on this, don’t even bother.

So, are you interested?

You don’t have to invest, remember. There’s no gun to your head.

But at least get a copy of my research report...and read the case for this exciting small-cap Aussie oil stock...while very little is known about it...

If you do decide to invest, yes, you’ll be taking a punt.

But if and when these bets pay off, you can make a lot of money...

Subscriber Gordon says about a previous tip:

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Given the recent price action I am now up 84.20% which is something I have never experienced on a stock before in such a short space of time.

I have a copy of my Return of the Wildcatter’ report right here, waiting to send to you by private email.

All I ask in return is that you agree to review my newsletter — Grand Cycle Investor — for the next 30 days.

You are under no obligation to stay on after this trial period

Within that month, if you don’t like Grand Cycle Investor, fine. You can walk away without owing me a cent.

I’ll even let you keep the stock report.

You have to agree that’s a pretty sweet deal. Especially when you consider the opportunity you’re learning about.

Let me give you a quick overview of how it all works

Once I get the go-ahead from you, in addition to a copy of my ‘Return of the Wildcatter’ report, I’ll also start sending you my monthly newsletter, Grand Cycle Investor.

Each month, you’ll get an eight- to 12-page, password-protected PDF, containing (usually) at least one new share recommendation…

This is for your eyes only.

You can buy and sell all stocks I recommend through your regular broker — whether that’s on the phone or online.

I believe each stock I tell you about could have the potential to make many times its value within the time horizon I’ll set out for you.

Now, don’t worry.

I don’t put a bunch of stock names in a bingo cage once a month and attempt to pull out a 10-bagger.

Each of my monthly stock recommendations is exhaustively researched.

Before I even think about adding a stock to our buy list, I have five strict criteria that each potential tip has to meet.

Each Grand Cycle Investor recommendation, especially so if it’s a small cap...

  1. Must be an innovator… When it comes to shares, the market wants to see one thing…growth. Companies achieve this by innovating in new markets or inventing new ways of doing things. And the smaller they are, the better! That way, they are more likely to go unnoticed and be temporarily mispriced. That’s when we can take advantage.

Once I’m satisfied a stock meets these five criteria, I run the numbers...consider the risks...and weigh up the potential in the stock.

I write up my research… add my recommendations…and email it over to you.

Then it’s up to you.

It’s your money. The decision of whether to invest — or not — is yours.

It’s my job to make sure you have every relevant piece of information you need in order to make a good decision.

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It’s great to have this type of information. Obviously, not all you will be “advising” about will do as well as this – but very happy with the 100+% increase to date.

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I am very impressed with the quality of Callum Newman’sservice. It is superb. Keep it up. Callum’s analysis is very robust and high quality and drives positive outcomes regularly for me.

And here’s something else I do for you, with every tip on the buy list...

I will help you manage your risk in these sensitive stocks...

Most brokers will tell you to use a ‘trailing stop loss’ when you buy a stock.

Perfectly good advice...but not for this particular oil stock.

Here’s why.

Say you set a trailing stop loss on a huge ‘go-nowhere’ stock — like any of the top 20 on the ASX...

That ‘trailing stop’ will sit a few percent below the share price...

And sit...

And sit...

...until the stock dips below the limit.

Then it will take you out of the position.

That’s its job.

If you set a trailing stop loss on a small-cap stock like this, however, it will...

Oh wait — it just took you out of the market.

In short, you’re lucky if you last a morning’s session before you get booted out of the game.

That’s because...

Small-cap stocks like this can shoot up (and down) faster than you can blink

They can swing around wildly over the course of a trading day.

Now, a five percent drop might not bother you too much if you’re shooting for 500% gains.

But if that small drop crashes through your stop loss and takes you out of the market…you then have to pay more transaction fees to your broker to get back in again.

Bugger that!

Instead, I use something I call ‘position sizing’ to sensibly manage risk in a small-cap trade like this.

In short, I suggest investing a specific percentage of your available cash on each play, based on how speculative I think each recommendation is.

I do this to help you spread out your capital risk as best as I can.

And to give you greater control over your investments

Look, I know a volatile market can make even the most hard-bitten investor nervous.

Using a tight stop loss, in my opinion, only compounds the anxiety…while prematurely pulling you out of plays that still have a big upside potential.

If you want to start getting my monthly recommendations…

If you can’t do that — trust me — this idea isn’t for you.

I promise this: If something happens to the stock that I don’t like…or something brews in the market that I think spells bad news for the company…I’ll send you an email and let you know to sell.

My point:

I’ll be watching all the stocks the entire time our positions are open

That’s my job!

The bottom line: I want you to make money from my tips.

I want you to look back on this as one of the best financial decisions you ever make. It’s important to me.

And while I accept that setbacks happen in the market, I want you to be able to nip them in the bud — before they turn into damaging losses.

So, don’t worry, I promise I won’t leave you to your own devices.

I’ll let you know the second something happens that could affect any of the Grand Cycle Investor open positions.

I’ll tell you if there’s anything you need to do…whether to sell the stock…hold…or even buy more.

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Well, there isn’t a catch. That’s the deal.

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BONUS REPORT #1: The Five ‘Big Alpha’ Trends of 2018-2021

Inside this ‘alpha guide to the future’, you’ll find out exactly where the big profit opportunities lie in the market and how we’ll go hunting for them…

You’ll learn why all the pessimism in the financial markets you read about today is just plain wrong.

It’s all a big distraction that hides the TRUTH about where the world is heading.

And the truth is: There are more reasons to be optimistic and excited about the future than ever before.

This report reveals five major themes I’ll be exploring — and helping you to profit from — in the coming issues of Grand Cycle Investor.

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Virtually every blue-chip stock portfolio in existence is missing two powerful and vital ingredients...

Add these two ingredients to your holdings and you could SMACK the market over time.

And I mean potentially 100 times over.

That’s no misprint.

I learned this powerful strategy from a good friend of mine — who happens to be one of the smartest (but most humble) guys to ever come out of Wall Street.

This is one of my most treasured investment secrets.

In fact, I toyed with the idea of selling this report separately.

But if it helps you make your decision today, you can have it with my compliments.

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Like I was saying, the next drilling opportunity is getting closer as we speak.

If a positive announcement comes out, it could instantly put this firm out of your price range.

That would be a real kick in the guts, given how close you are right now to making all this happen.

(You could literally have this report in front of you in the next 10 minutes and be tucked into the U-Block play before the market opens again.)

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Invest if you feel comfortable. ‘Paper trade’ if you don’t.

Judge me by whatever criteria you like.

If you get cold feet...or change your mind...

If you’re not bowled over by my research...

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Call my member services team in the next 30 days and you can have your subscription fee back. In full.

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When you boil it down, your decision today is really simple. If you take the special $49 deal on the next page:

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Just don’t hang around too long if you’re interested.

Because if good news hits sooner, you could kiss any potential 4.5X percentage gains goodbye.

Remember, the prospective find at the U-Block is a potential 19 million barrels…the equivalent of over $1 billion worth of oil at today’s prices.

This small oil producer’s stock is still hovering around 30 cents.

For how much longer is anybody’s guess.

To get my U-Block stock recommendation now, start your no-obligation 30-day trial of Grand Cycle Investor here.

Best wishes,

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PS: Still undecided?

Let me answer your questions and help make up your mind…

My goal for Grand Cycle Investor is to help you invest successfully in some of the most exciting stocks on the Australian market — investments most people never get to hear about.

Through your membership of my service, I want you to see that it’s possible to invest a small amount of money and make a booming profit — when a small company that does something smart is the deep-pocketed investors...or by bigger companies with acquisition budgets.

I’ve developed this FAQs section because I believe in accountability, honesty and transparency — about what I do and how I do it. Please have a read. I’m sure it will address any concerns you have. If there’s still something you’d like to know, please send an email to

What will you send me?

First, you’ll get immediate access to the U-Block Aussie oil play in my ‘Return of the Wildcatter’ report, which I’ve told you about today. That means you’ll get the name...ticker symbol...a description of who they are...what they do...and my analysis of their potential and the key risks associated with them.

You will also get a 12-month subscription to my investment newsletter, Grand Cycle Investor. The basic option will cost you just $49 today.

Plus, when you subscribe, you’ll also get two bonus reports, titled: The Five ‘Big Alpha’ Trends of 2018-2021 and The Alpha Strategy Guide: How to Find 100-Baggers with One of Wall Street’s Legends. You also get access to the current Grand Cycle Investor buy list. Plus, you’ll receive a weekly market update, and every ‘special situation’ research report I publish for the next 12 months.

What is the U-Block?

This is a reference to a potentially oil-rich area in the Gulf of Mexico where this company has exclusives rights to drill. Understandably, we can’t name the area specifically, as that will give away the crucial details and that would not be fair to my loyal readers. But you can access the ‘Return of the Wildcatter’ report for just $49 today.

That’s 50% off the regular price of $99. Plus, you’ll get access to all my special situation reports, weekly market updates and every past monthly issue of Grand Cycle Investor.

How much could I lose?

The company in question is exposed to the volatile oil price and engaged in the high-risk energy exploration sector. That makes it highly speculative.

The decision to invest is entirely up to you. The very worst-case scenario could mean a 100% loss of capital — like any stock on the ASX. That’s the inherent risk of investing in stocks. However, I judge this extreme outcome to be highly unlikely. Let me emphasise that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Is this a scam?

No. I’m real. My publisher is real. We’re part of a publishing group that’s been around since 1979. I am a fully accredited stock analyst, which means I’m able to give general investment advice in Australia. Some people ask if Grand Cycle Investor is a ‘pump and dump’ scheme…or whether we’re ‘front-running’ stocks. No. Absolutely not.

Quite aside from the fact that I have professional integrity, it is completely against the rules for me to invest in any of the companies I recommend. If I did that, my employment would be terminated and I could end up in prison. I get that people are sceptical. If you are, I invite you to put me to the test for 30 days. You’ll quickly see that this is the real deal.

What guarantees can you offer me?

No one can guarantee you success in the markets. If someone offers you this, run a mile. The stock market is uncertain. There are always risks involved when you buy shares, and you should never invest more than you can safely afford to lose. All I can do is provide the best defence against that uncertainty: Meticulous research. I know as much as anyone about the companies I recommend. And I obsessively monitor every new development in their story.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Yes — within 30 days of the day you subscribe. I will send you my stock research today. You can read it at your leisure. I invite you to judge me by whatever criteria you like. If you get cold feet...or change your mind...or you can’t see my stock recommendations making you my member services team within the next 30 days and you can have your $49 back. In full. No cancellation or administration fee. No penalties. And no questions asked. I’ll just put the money straight back onto your card.

What types of shares will you recommend?

I recommend Australian shares with strong growth potential. These will involve small-cap stocks like the one I’ve told you about today. Small caps are tiny, publicly traded companies that have a market capitalisation of between $50 million and about $500 million. They are typically listed on the ASX for anywhere between one cent and two to three bucks. Small-cap shares can be relatively ‘illiquid’ and sometimes difficult to trade. That makes them riskier than ‘blue-chip’ shares. I will always remind you of this added risk whenever I recommend a share like this.

Why are you doing this?

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by claiming this is driven by some altruistic imperative to help people get richer. Even though I love it when my subscribers do well, make no mistake: I am well paid by my publisher. What it comes down to is this: I’m not an institutional guy and I would never want to be. I am an analyst. I love digging into a company’s story and unearthing something no one else has seen. And I’m addicted to the thrill of stock market success. That drives me to find you ever more exciting and unusual ways to get rich. People are far too cynical these days. When I say I love my job, I’m not messing around!

So how do I know that you have my best interests at heart?

I have your best interests at heart because our interests are completely aligned. I only make money if people subscribe to my newsletter. People will only subscribe — and stay subscribed — if they like the research and make money from the tips. If you don’t make money, you will unsubscribe. If enough people unsubscribe, my newsletter closes and I lose my job. Therefore, it’s in my interests to provide excellent research that makes you money!

What if I get stuck?

Don’t panic. When you join Grand Cycle Investor, you’ll receive phone access to our member services team, plus a priority email service where you can ask any questions related to your subscription (although we can’t give personal investment advice). Be clear: I want this to work for you. I want you to make a ton of money from my stock recommendations. And I want my service to be easy for you to follow so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time — or fill your head with stress — every time you buy a small-cap stock.

Ready to get started? Click here:

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