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Will You Be Ready to Move
When the Great


Initiates on 30 May, 2018?

GOD BLESS the recent crypto crash! It’s set up what could amount to the hottest opportunity in Aussie small-cap history...

Ten to FIFTEEN times your money could be possible by the end of 2018.

…Learn How To Capitalize On This Huge
Bitcoin Opportunity With Just $20 Below

Dear Friend...

From the bankers of Martin Place to your local barber, everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies these days…

First the boom…then the crash.

Take bitcoin — it dipped below US$7,000 for the first time since November. That’s a 65% thwacking from the peak of a phenomenal bull run up to US$20,000.

Same story for Ethereum (down 51%)…Litecoin (down 55%)…and Ripple (down 60%)…and so on.

In all, reports Cointelegraph.com, the cryptocurrency market capitalisation lost US$100 billion in the space of a week.

But I have to tell you...

The recent price implosion in cryptocurrency is only HALF the story

In fact, it’s not even the beginning of the story!

The truth is, the crypto crash is overshadowing what is the single biggest wealth-creation story of our time.

And as you’ll see, that’s actually GREAT news.

You see, there is a digital revolution taking place across the globe.

And the REAL crypto fortunes will be made thanks to one single, 10-letter word:


Now…if you’re like most people — and have only heard a few whispers about blockchain technology — don’t worry.

I’ll bring you up to speed in just a moment. I’ll explain what it is…and why tech site Hacker Noon calls it ‘The most important invention in the last 500 years…’

But more importantly, I’ll also show you how to invest in this fast-emerging trend before everyone else.

The latest falls into crypto are manna from heaven in this regard...because many of the stocks related to blockchain have taken a hit through no fault of their own.

I’m going to show you how to take advantage of this unique situation today.

In fact, today I’m going to show how you could potentially GET RICH from blockchain in the next 12 months, starting with just THREE things:

1. A spare $500 — the minimum investment requirement on the ASX.  

2. The THREE Aussie blockchain stocks I’ll show you today… (one still trades for less than 20 cents per share!).  

3. The 30 May blockchain catalyst that could send the share prices of these three stocks into the stratosphere.

Once 30 May passes, these and other little-known blockchain stocks could begin moving hard towards 200%...300%...even 500% price gains…in the following week.

But by then, it may be too late for you to make any money.

What’s happening on 30 May?

I’ll explain in just a moment.

But if it plays out as I expect, it could trigger a renewed stampede into the kinds of small tech firms I’m going to profile in this letter.

Right now, you need to know this…

Up until recently, NO ONE in the mainstream press was talking about these kinds of stocks…

But I believe that’s about to change... quickly.

Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers every single cryptocurrency out there.

Bitcoin is powered by blockchain…

Ethereum is powered by blockchain…

And so are the other 1,400-plus cryptocurrencies out there…

This means — for better or worse — blockchain gets pigeon-holed with cryptos.

But as you’re about to see, the blockchain has far more applications than just digital currency. Some are potentially world-changing.

In fact, these applications could force every major industry in Australia to change drastically…or disappear forever — starting in the next few months.

And you know what?

The fact most people link blockchain to cryptocurrency gives you an incredible opportunity

Take what happened to these blockchain stocks in October 2017...

Have you ever heard of anything like it?

Then, two months later, in December, Hong Kong-based UBI Blockchain surged an unbelievable 900%!

A huge pile of cash suddenly got dropped on the stock by frenzied crypto speculators, looking for a fresh kill...

CEO Tony Liu told Bloomberg:

We believe the general public is confusing our blockchain technology with bitcoin companies.

He’s exactly right.

That’s exactly what they are doing.

But just as some stocks have rocketed up, we’ve also seen some blockchain stocks come down in price as a result of the cryptocurrency falls.

To me — and to stock speculators like me
— this is GREAT NEWS

Now, I’ve got no idea what the price of bitcoin is as you read this.

It could be $20,000…it could be $6,000!

It doesn’t matter.

Because you’re about to discover the NEXT ACT of the crypto boom.

When the mainstream investment community realises what’s at stake, they will want IN.

It’s starting already...but I believe the real ‘stampede’ for these stocks will be triggered in the middle of this year.

Like I said, a key event is taking place on 30 May, 2018.

It’s happening in London.

At this event, the who’s who of global blockchain tech development will converge...

I’m talking about key programmers…developers... technicians…entrepreneurs...and CEOS.

This gathering — watched closely by global media and the markets — will finally set benchmarks for how this emerging tech should be deployed across multiple industries — around the world.

At this event, I predict blockchain will finally step out of the shadow of bitcoin…

...and become a mainstream force — akin to when the first major applications for the internet went global in 1993.

What happens at this point could be like what happens when you set fire to magnesium ribbon...

And when the sun sets on 2018... you could have ten…maybe even FIFTEEN times more money in your bank account than you have right now

Provided you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you...and invest ahead of what I’m calling ‘The Great Blockchain Switchover’...

Like I say, there could be a stampede by investors to pour money into a handful of small Aussie blockchain companies before they go stratospheric...

I’m talking about tiny developers...who are quietly helping big businesses get on the front foot with their blockchain strategy.

Look at what’s happening even as I write this...

Others companies are -- right now -- frantically searching for ways to adopt blockchain technology into their business model.

Especially banks and financial services companies.

They watched bitcoin’s rise last year with extreme trepidation...

See, blockchain showed that digital currency could work without them.

Now the banks are freaking out...throwing money out left, right and centre...desperate to create their own ‘blockchain plan’.

Check this out:

In total, Australian companies have already spent AU$675 million trying to figure the blockchain out

That’s a colossal amount of money...

It says something that the banks are taking the blockchain threat this seriously.

This alone should pique your interest...

If not, let me spell it out again for you.

In my view…

This is a golden, and URGENT, investment opportunity...

One that could see you make ten...or even FIFTEEN times your money this year...

Starting with three small ‘blockchain switchover’ investments you can make as soon as today

You see, the ‘blockchain switchover’ doesn’t just affect banks.

Government...the stock market...telcos...pharmaceutical companies...real estate agents...insurers -- they all face an uncertain future thanks to blockchain technology.


In a nutshell, blockchain connects people to people -- directly.

It’s safe, reliable, incorruptible. Virtually un-hackable.

Bottom line: In a blockchain system, if you want to transact safely with someone else, you no longer need a third party to facilitate or settle the transaction.

This could spell the end for scores of established business models...unless they change -- urgently.

The Australian Financial Review reports:Blockchain technology threatens to slash the profits of banks and wipe out lenders which fail to quickly adopt the innovation.

An Ernst & Young report warns:Blockchain is developing much faster than anyone expected. To think the impact to your industry is many years away is risky.

Simply put...

We’re talking about the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. And it looks
set to happen this year

Revolutions happen fast in business.

Remember how Blockbuster vanished into thin air soon after Netflix and Apple TV were launched?

...Or how Nokia disappeared off the face of the Earth after the iPhone came out?

These companies sank because their business model depended on the continued use of old technology.

For whatever crazy reason, they stuck with it...while most of their customers were adopting NEW technology.

Once this new tech passed a tipping point, Blockbuster and Nokia went into freefall.

Nokia lost an almost unfathomable 41 billion euros in annual sales revenue between 2007 and 2014.

Its stock price dropped by 80% over the same timeframe.

Blockbuster, you may remember, went out of business in 2013.

Its stock price had fallen from a peak of $29.41 in 2002...

...to ONE CENT by the time it filed for bankruptcy.

This is what happens when you stick with your existing business model during a time of overwhelming technological change.

As you can imagine, the prospect of becoming completely irrelevant scares the hell out of Australian banks, real estate agents, telcos...and more. Companies that have had it SO good...for SO long.

It’s beginning to dawn on them...

If they don’t become ‘blockchain enabled’ fast, they could vanish within 2-3 years

You might think that sounds dramatic.

But also consider Oroton...Pumpkin Patch...Topshop...Dick Smith...and more...

...These so-called ‘iconic’ Aussie retailers were quickly dumped on their backsides by the online shopping revolution.

They were slow to realise:

If you fail to take this kind of threat seriously...

Or you don’t respond quickly enough...

You’re toast.

But what, exactly, IS the threat?

A weapon of mass disruption

The Economist calls the blockchain:

... a piece of innovation on a par with the internet itself.

You may know blockchain as the technology behind bitcoin.

It’s also known as a ‘distributed ledger’.

Here’s a simple explanation.

You and I have to deal with big organisations all the time.

Banks...government agencies...real estate businesses...telcos...insurance agents...and more.

We use them when we need to get stuff done:

Pay bills...buy or rent somewhere to live...make an insurance claim...use the internet...file our taxes...and more.

These organisations are facilitators.

They help us make transactions.

We trust them. But...

The blockchain makes them irrelevant

Say you want to send money to someone overseas.

Right now, you have to go to your bank...which has all your details...(not to mention your money).

Your bank then goes through another intermediary -- called Swift -- which contacts a third party: The overseas bank.

They set the rate for the international money transfer.

Swift takes its cut. Your bank takes its cut. The overseas bank takes its cut.

After all that, the money you wanted to send overseas has had a great big chunk taken out of it.

And your overseas relative...or business contact...has to wait up to five business days to get their hands on whatever’s left.

As I said, this entire process is based on trust.

You have to trust your bank...you have to trust Swift...and you have to trust the overseas bank...to complete the transfer securely, quickly and without ripping you off (yeah, right!)

How does blockchain improve this?

By cutting out the intermediaries — the ‘middlemen’.

If you use blockchain tech, you can transfer digital currency directly to your overseas contact.

It’s quicker...more secure...and much cheaper.

You don’t have to go through a ‘middleman’ -- or share your personal data with any third party.

Your transaction is submitted to the blockchain.

Blockchain is a public and distributed ledger.

It sits on tens of thousands of computers all over the world.

But even though the blockchain is public, the specific details of your money transfer...your details...and privacy...are protected by military-grade cryptography.

The computers on the ledger kick into action to verify the transaction.

As soon as they do, a new ‘block’ is created and added to the chain.

The verification takes about an hour. Then your contact can have their cash.

This ‘block’ is kind of like a digital fingerprint.

It is set in stone
It cannot be hacked
It cannot be changed

Like I said, the blockchain is publicly available. It’s not situated on a privately held database that’s controlled by any one entity. 

That’s a good thing.

It means it’s transparent. Anyone can see it. No one can tinker with it for their own purposes.

Each verified transaction is built into the chain and becomes a matter of public record. No transactions can be altered.

If you wanted to alter it, you’d have to:

  1. Crack the cryptography that protects the transaction...
  2. Hack into every single computer on the blockchain...
  3. Rewrite the entire chain...and re-encrypt it.

All without being spotted.

Virtually impossible.

Just in the banking industry alone, this changes everything.

Data analysts CB Insights say that blockchain tech could cut up to US$20 billion of middleman costs.

That would hit bank profits really, really hard.

It could even remove the need for Swift (now desperately trying to adopt blockchain tech in its business...because it sees the writing on the wall).

But banking is just the beginning

Entire industries that rely on centralised databases, and the trust of their customers, are in
danger of becoming OBSOLETE

The blockchain could make centralised databases a thing of the past.

So-called ‘trust’ organisations would no longer be necessary.

Bitcoin’s success has shown the world it is possible for strangers to exchange value with no need for an intermediary.

And it can be done in a completely transparent, verifiable and open way.

But bitcoin is just one use for blockchain technology.

The Economist says:

‘[Bitcoin] is merely the first step of a much broader revolution. In the same way that e-mail did much more than replace letters sent in stamped envelopes, the [blockchain] is a platform for myriad as-yet-unthought-of innovations.

Don Tapscott, one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on business and society, says:

The implications are staggering, not just for the financial-services industry but also right across virtually every aspect of society.

Friend, I imagine that, very soon, you’ll be able to:

I’m telling you: Companies that make up more than two-thirds of the Australian market could be in big trouble...

You wait and see...

Scores of ‘blockchain superstars’ could emerge over the coming months...

...to disrupt every single major Australian industry.

They are tiny start-ups today.

But they could be the Googles...(up around 22,000% since IPO)…

Facebooks...(366% gain since IPO)...

And Shopifys (558% gain since IPO)...of tomorrow.

Many of these new businesses could spring up -- and thrive -- right here in Australia...thanks to two things:

  1. More than half a billion dollars (and counting) in corporate investment into blockchain tech Down Under...
  2. The government’s full-blooded support for the great ‘blockchain switchover’...

Treasurer Scott Morrison says:

I want to express the Government’s strong support for blockchain... This is exactly the kind of innovation the Government wants to foster... We need to be at the leading edge of this, we don’t need to be a follower.

Friend, I believe the ‘blockchain switchover’ will be disruptive...exciting...lucrative...and life-changing...for the country...for government...for industry...

And for you, too.

If you’ve been looking for a way into the crypto boom -- but you’re not into coins --

So listen.

If you’re prepared to act quickly on the information I’m about to share with you, there’s an opportunity for you to potentially do something really special this year...

...Something you typically only get one or two chances in your lifetime to do.

You have the chance -- through a targeted investment in three small, ASX-listed stocks...

...To put yourself in front of what could be a colossal wave of money set to flood into blockchain-related companies in 2018.

I believe this money will come from two sources:

  1. Australian companies in fear for their lives.
  2. Rampant crypto speculators.

The first group consists of businesses who may have little choice but to switch over to this new technology -- and spend a ton of cash in the process -- or die.

Let me give you a sense of the kind of investment that’s coming from this first group alone...

According to data group Atlas, annual bank spending on blockchain tech has risen from virtually nothing in 2014...to more than US$200 million by the end of last year.

It’s expected to rise by a further $100 million this year...

And by another $100 million in 2019.

If ever you needed a sign that banks are bricking themselves about the blockchain revolution right now -- this chart is it:

But as I keep saying -- this isn’t just about banks.

PricewaterhouseCoopers says well over $1.4 billion has been invested into blockchain tech globally -- up to the end of 2017.

And get this:

A July 2017 study from UK firm Juniper Research claims that 57% of the world’s large corporations are...

Either actively considering or in the process of deploying blockchain...

Let me just repeat that.

More than HALF of the world’s biggest companies are either:

  1. a. Blockchain-enabled and ready to go...


  1. b. Figuring out how to become blockchain-enabled fast.

Juniper’s study concludes:

For start-ups in the blockchain space, this can only be good news...

You bet your backside It’s ‘good news’

This potentially colossal wave of spending into small blockchain developers represents just the first part of the ‘switchover’ investment opportunity that’s on the table for you today.

The second part...

Well, this is where it could get REALLY exciting for you in the coming DAYS and WEEKS...

...this is where you could get a quick moneymaking hit from this emergent boom.

I’m talking about the potential for...

A fervent, speculator-driven bull market in blockchain stocks in 2018...

Last year, a handful of investors made a crazy amount of money from blockchain’s first ‘killer app’ -- bitcoin.

Bitcoin went up 1,286% in 2017 alone...fuelled mainly by speculators.

Check it out:

A $1,000-dollar investment in bitcoin on 1 January last year would have turned into $13,860 by New Year’s Eve!


Now these SAME investors are looking for their next ‘crypto fix’...

I believe the ‘blockchain switchover’ is that fix.

In addition to this group of rampant speculators, you have another group...

...the hundreds of thousands of investors who missed out on bitcoin’s amazing 2017 run...

...or got in too late to make the really juicy gains...

They’re looking for a shot at the big money, too.

And they’re cashed up and ready to pounce.

What I’m saying is...

Any small company that has ANYTHING to do with blockchain tech could benefit from this ‘switchover’ boom in the coming
weeks and months

This mania has already taken hold.

Look at this – it’s absolutely ridiculous...

This chart shows the share price of 360 Capital Management -- a property investment and funds management group.

You can see the price is plodding along, doing nothing much whatsoever, until mid-October last year...

Then: BOOM!

The stock price TREBLES in SIX DAYS


I’ll tell you.

On 10 October -- the day before that massive price spike you see there -- 360 Capital Management changed its name...

...to 360 Blockchain.

That’s all that happened.

A name change.

And the stock went on a 300% tear...turning $1,000 into $4,000 in under a week.

Remember all those bitcoin speculators looking for their next fix?

They’re chucking their money into stocks like this.

And this...

2017 was just another regular year for Colorado-based biotech company Bioptix. Nothing much going on...

Until 4 October.

That was the day Bioptix changed its name to Riot Blockchain...

...and sucked in an instant hit of investor cash...

You’re looking at a 125% jolt ...in just 24 HOURS

Imagine it: A grand invested on Monday morning...turns into $2,250 by the time you wake up on Tuesday.

Then there’s UK technology services firm On-line Plc.

Similar story throughout most of 2017...nothing much going on...

Then BANG!!

The stock jumps an almighty
394% ...in a MORNING!


The day before, the company’s board announced plans to change the company name from On-line Plc...

...to On-line Blockchain Plc.

That’s it... This one magic word...turns a $1,000 investment into $4,940 inside of three hours!

And get this for the craziest example of all...

On 21 December, the Long Island Iced Tea Corporation...

A company that sells ICED BLOODY TEA...

Rebranded as Long Blockchain Corp.

The next day, its shares jumped 200% at the opening...ending the day 183% ahead!

I just want to say again...

This company sells TEA!

Not only that, it’s a TINY business...

Long Blockchain Corp only turns over around US$5 million a year, according to FactSet.

So, let me ask you...

If crypto-speculator cash can hand a 200% stock boost to a company that isn’t even in the technology business...

...If it can treble the stock of another company that has virtually no revenue...but suddenly incorporates ‘blockchain’ into its name and issues a press release...

What do you think might happen to small businesses currently developing ACTUAL blockchain solutions -- when the
spotlight falls on them?

Well, if you’re quick, you should get the chance to find out...

I have three such businesses to tell you about today.

All listed here on the ASX.

All currently selling for CENTS.

Yes, they are small stocks...

This is definitely not ‘buy and hold for retirement’-type investing.

You may only be holding these stocks for a short period of time before selling them on.

I’m talking about taking three calculated punts...

For the chance to make explosive gains -- TEN to FIFTEEN times your money --
in a small amount of time

...before we see fireworks again on Sydney Harbour Bridge, put it that way.

Listen, before you pile in, understand:

There’s a chance all three of these tiny ‘blockchain switchover’ stocks could even go up twenty times from here.

Or they could go to zero.

That’s right...

You might sink a small amount of cash into these three listed businesses and never see it again.

I have to be clear about that.

And you should keep that in mind when you’re choosing how much to invest.

But I also want to be clear when I say:

These are not ‘blind’ punts

I’ve been following these stocks for months.

Keeping tabs on them. Checking in on them...until the time was right.

I’ve done plenty of digging on the management of these three firms. I know who’s running these businesses...what their credentials are...and what they’re about.

I’ve looked at their balance sheets. I know how they manage their operating capital.

I’ve been through business plans and forecasts. And I’ve read investor reports, cover to cover.

I know exactly what they’re trying to do.

If they even come close to pulling it off, they stand to suck in millions of dollars...in institutional investment...potential takeover funds...and speculator cash...as soon as they become well-known.

Such is the appetite for ‘blockchain’ businesses right now.

But why listen to me?

My name is Callum Newman. I’m a small stock expert for Agora Financial Australia. I also write the world-famous Daily Reckoning daily email for investors.

You may recognise me -- I pop up on TV occasionally. 

Here I am late last year on Channel 7 News, no less.

They had me on to talk about whether digital banks would disrupt the Big 4...and result in branch closures.

I don’t think branches will go... completely,’ I said.

(Note the pregnant pause!)

But banks need to adapt.

They need to embrace blockchain technology.

The ‘switchover’ is coming.
Banks need to invest, fast and big

In fairness, many of them appear to be doing just that (hence the massive investment opportunity on the table for you right now).

To be honest with you, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other if bank branches have to close.

I believe in progress. In innovation. In ‘creative destruction’.

I think the ‘blockchain switchover’ is great for the economy...for business...and for consumers like you and me.

Imagine, if out of all this, you get more convenience, more choice, lower fees, and greater peace of mind when you bank...

That’s the promise of blockchain technology.

But you’d never have heard about this from your bank.

Your bank -- a multibillion-dollar profit-making corporation -- was perfectly happy with the way things were.


These innovations ALWAYS come
from smaller businesses

That’s why I dedicate my time to analysing and reporting on the smallest stocks in Australia.

I’m talking about tiny, publicly traded companies that have a market capitalisation of between $300 million and about $2 billion...

...and are typically listed on the exchange for under a dollar a share…sometimes just over.

Every month, I publish my best small-stock research and recommendations in a private briefing, called Small Cap Alpha.

If you’re an investor...and you’re excited by the idea of seeing your money double in a few weeks -- sometimes a few days -- small stocks are well worth checking out.

Put it this way: At $31 a share, Westpac [ASX:WBC] is probably not going to double in a week.

Okay...it’s also unlikely to halve in a week...

But my point is: This stock is not likely to make you rich...unless you’re happy to wait 30-40 years...and you reinvest all of your dividends along the way.

The stocks I analyse for Small Cap Alpha are different.

They are capable of doubling quicker
than you can grow a beard

This is because they tend to be innovators...start-ups...explorers.

Their prospects (and, by extension, their share prices) are usually linked directly to the success of the ideas they are developing.

Take tech start-up GetSwift.

Last year, this fantastic little company produced a killer app that organises and simplifies the delivery of goods sold online.

The tech offers fast, uncomplicated, easily trackable logistics solutions to internet retailers...through a phone app!

Back in August 2017, I recommended GetSwift to my readers, as a potential play on Amazon coming to Australia.

It was trading at just $1.03 a share.

The stock doubled inside of a month.

At the time of writing (January 2018), GetSwift is up 207%.

That turns $5,000 into $15,350
inside of five months

That’s a family holiday to Europe...or your mortgage paid for six months, if you want to look at it that way.

Small Cap Alpha subscriber Rafael K emailed on 5 December last year to tell me:

Just turned $8k into $20k with GetSwift. Tks man!!

Grant Lincoln emailed on 11 December to say...

I bought shares in GetSwift... due to your glowing recommendation. I am glad I did, as I now sit on gains of 366%.

Charles Bremner wrote:

I bought into GetSwift at an average price of $0.94 and at its current price of $4.30, that’s a gain of 356%.

Another subscriber, Hermanus, told me he bought three lots of GetSwift stock starting in August 2017...and sold the last of his holding in December...

Total gain: $30,247. Excellent work from you!

Let me tell you:

Nothing makes me happier than helping my readers cash out with BIG gains
from SMALL stocks

These types of quick, dramatic, double- and triple-digit moves (and yes, I mean up AND down) are generally only possible in the smaller end of the market.

Take WA miner Dacian Gold Limited [ASX: DCN], for example...

I first wrote about this tiny stock in January 2016 when it was listed at just 75 cents a share.

I was pretty bullish on junior gold miners at the time...so I did some digging.

I learned that Dacian had cash in the bank and was about to do some ‘intensive drilling’.

I told readers to ‘watch for a break to the upside’.

Look what happened next...

The shares powered up to $3.44 by 9 September...a gain of some 359%.

That turns $5,000 into $22,950
in under eight months...

Then there’s small Queensland health tech business ResApp Health Limited [ASX:RAP].

In 2015, it developed a smartphone app for diagnosing respiratory disease.

On 22 February, 2016, I wrote that its smartphone app had just been awarded a 95% accuracy rate for detecting asthma and viral pneumonia.

Imagine it -- getting a reliable diagnosis...from your phone!

Think of all the GP visits you could avoid, if you had this app...

...Imagine all the time and money you’d save...especially if you lived out in the bush.

I told readers -- back in February, remember -- that ResApp had just filed a pre-submission package with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This is a critical first step on the way to gaining US commercialisation...

...which opens the doors to unbelievable revenue growth for this firm.

At the time, I wrote that ResApp was listed at 13 cents a share.

Now look...

Just seven months later -- on 23 September -- the stock had shot up 284% to 50 cents.

That turns $5,000 into $19,200...
in seven months!

Then there’s lithium miner Global Geoscience Limited [ASX:GSC].

I wrote about this tiny firm on 16 December, 2016 -- at the time it was listed on the Aussie market for just six cents.

That ensured Global Geoscience was virtually unheard of by most mainstream analysts.

But I knew who it was.

More importantly, I knew it was exploring for lithium in the Nevada desert...

...right next to the enormous Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ that Elon Musk was building.

More importantly still...

I knew -- because I bothered to check the company’s announcements -- that Global Geoscience had just commenced drilling.

I told readers to ‘keep an eye on this one...

Look what happened:

Within six months, the stock had more than TREBLED to 19 cents...

And if you’re still clutching this baby at the time I’m writing this...

...Your holding would now be worth 39 cents a share.

That’s a 550% gain... in a little over 12 months

So a $1,000 punt turns into $6,500...

And a $5,000 stake becomes $32,500...which solves a few problems, right?

It’s stories like these that led one of my readers, Gary, to email:

Please pass this message on that Callum Newman is a genius.

I don’t know about that, but I do know this…

...Small stocks, like the ones I research every day, have the ability to turn a tiny investment into a significant chunk of cash...in the space of a few months!

Now fold this into the mix:

The opportunity I’m going to tell you about in a moment...to invest in three relatively unheard-of ‘blockchain switchover’ businesses...

It isn’t JUST a small-cap play...

It isn’t JUST a disruptive tech play...

This is a CRYPTO play

That gives you an investing X-factor right now.

An X-factor that could boost these stock prices to multiples of TEN...even FIFTEEN times where they are today.

That alone should have you interested.

And – let’s be honest -- maybe a little anxious!

I expect that.

I’m guessing you read the news, too.

You can see there’s a speculator’s appetite for all things crypto right now...and it’s sending coins and stocks through the roof.

Inevitably -- when this happens, you also tend to get sharp pullbacks...

...Like the one we saw on 17 January...when bitcoin and Litecoin both dropped 18%...and Ethereum dropped 26% in a single day.

All three coins subsequently bounced back...

But this sharp correction prompted a smaller fall -- around 10% -- in a handful of blockchain stocks...

...Including some that had recently jumped on the crypto bandwagon, despite having no blockchain products or revenue.

Hardly surprising.

I tend to look at this as a timely reminder -- lest we should get too carried away -- that this is risky investing.

FYI -- I expect there to be more sharp corrections like this over the coming weeks and months as people take profits on their crypto holdings.

Nothing ever goes up in a straight line.

Now, if a 10% correction scares you – there’s still time to back out of this. There’s no gun at your head!

In fact, let me be clear on this...

If the thought of taking a 10% hit in a 24-hour period worries you -- DON’T REQUEST

Listen, pullbacks WILL happen while you’re holding small stocks. Especially crypto stocks.

It’s almost inevitable.

If you buy stocks that have the potential to double quickly...

...you should also acknowledge their potential to halve -- just as quickly!

If you agree with the investment case, you have to stick to your guns and let my ‘position sizing’ advice inform your exit point, should the stock start to drop.

(More on this excellent risk management strategy in a moment... Don’t worry, I’ll guide you!)

Of course, another way to look at it is that a minor pullback gives bullish speculators a chance to buy into the crypto boom at a cheaper price.

And just so you know...

It would take much more than a 10% correction to kill my blockchain buzz right now

But that’s me.

Sure, I’m looking at this as a way to make a quick kill. That goes with the territory when you analyse small cap stocks for a living.

But I’m also thinking long term.

About blockchain technology...about what it can do...and what it could mean...

About the billion-dollar plus investment in this tech made by banks and other major industry players...

About how this could be the biggest investment boom of our lifetime...

…and about how it would feel almost CRIMINAL to remain on the sidelines, knowing what we know.

It’s a nervy market -- for sure -- but if you believe in the longer-term potential for this technology, as I do, you need to hold your nerve in these moments.

Remember, so far, every crypto pullback has been followed by an even bigger bullish surge.

This is why I still believe...

This crypto boom is THE investment
event of our lifetime

And it’s happening right now.

Some of the stats...holy moly -- they just melt your brain!

In 2017 alone...

Look at the growth of blockchain wallet users worldwide in the last 12 months, for heaven’s sake... It’s bonkers!

(In case you didn’t know, you need a blockchain wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrency.)

In the last year, the number of wallet users has doubled -- from 11,353,117...to 22,170,670

That’s like adding the equivalent of Portugal!

So...where do you fit in to all of this?

Is this a market you want to get into?

Because the truth is...

Up to now, OTHER PEOPLE have been
making money from it

Every time you watched one of those coins rocket up in 2017, someone else was making a killing.

Today, I want to give YOU the chance to jump in...

...while this crypto boom is still in its infancy...and the potential upside is still stratospheric.

Okay...so maybe the 2017 coin mania IS taking a short and much-needed breather.

But rest assured: The crypto story is still powering ahead.

Now it’s about stocks. Blockchain stocks.

This is what everyone wants to buy right now.

Why not you?

If you’re still into this...and you’re prepared to accept the risks inherent with any kind of speculation...let me send you my research immediately.

Click HERE to get it.

In a few minutes from now, you could have all the details on these three ‘Blockchain Switchover’ stocks in front of you.

You’ll see names...ticker symbols...a description of who they are...what they do...and my analysis of their potential to make you 10-to-15 times your money over the next 12 months.

Again, no one’s saying you have to invest.

Like I just said: There’s no gun at your head. It’s up to you to decide.

But at least get a copy of my blockchain stock briefing...

At least read the case for these three crypto investments...while very little is known about them...

...At least give yourself the chance to make this punt pay off handsomely -- maybe to the tune of ten or fifteen times your money by the end of this year.

I honestly believe...

If you’re not involved in this boom -- especially over the next explosive 12 months -- you are going to beat yourself up over it for
a very long time to come

If you’re an investor, you have to agree:

This is exactly the kind of opportunity we dream about, right?

And you’ll know: It really does only come about once or twice during your investing career -- tops.

But I figure your head is probably swimming with questions...

I hope to answer all of those questions for you in my brand-new research briefing, which you can download right away...

Three tiny Aussie stocks that could make you ten-to-fifteen times your money as the crypto revolution continues in 2018...

So, I have three small Australian tech stocks to tell you about today.

They are all speculative plays on the great ‘blockchain switchover’.

I bring them to you as urgent buys.

For two reasons.

First: When crypto speculators cotton on that these are ‘blockchain’ stocks -- expect nothing short of pandemonium.

We could be talking crazy gains.

To be honest, I’m reluctant...actually, scratch that...I’m UNABLE to put too fine a point on it.

That’s why these stocks are -- first and foremost -- punts.

They should be treated as punts.

Whatever you do:

Don’t sell the family car...pilfer your kids’ uni savings...or re-mortgage your house so you can buy yourself a big stake in these three plays.

It’s not worth it.

Go in with money you can manage without, should this go south.

I’m not saying it will.

But I have to make that point to stop you doing something insane.

Second reason why these are urgent buys:


Unlike those businesses I told you about earlier...

...the ones that basically just changed their name to ‘XYZ Blockchain’ and won the lottery overnight...

...the three companies in my report are actually in the technology business!

They’re small. But they have a product...a blockchain business plan...and financial backing. 

In my view, this gives you a little ‘speculator pullback insurance’.

Basically -- aside from the immediate upside potential -- all three could turn into longer-term crypto plays that deliver ten to fifteen times your initial outlay over time.

Okay. Let’s put a little more meat on these bones...

Blockchain Switchover Stock #1
The ‘Swift killer’ that wants to take Ripple down...and hand you a
10-15X gain in the process...

Remember what I told you earlier -- about how making overseas payments would be easier...quicker...cheaper...and safer in a blockchain system?

Well, this first stock is building one.

It’s creating a cryptocurrency specifically to settle overseas transactions in.

From what I can see, this crypto is unique.

See, it has all the benefits of any other blockchain-based currency: It’s decentralised...totally trustworthy...and virtually un-hackable...

BUT -- unlike most other cryptos, this one also has customer and payment data embedded into its code.

This means banks can track and better regulate cross-border crypto transactions...something they can’t do at the moment.

This potentially knocks over one of the biggest objections banks and governments have about cryptocurrency -- that it’s used by money launderers and criminals to move cash around the world, undetected.

This blockchain tech makes criminal misuse of the system virtually impossible...

...And it makes this tiny company’s intellectual property extremely desirable

What do I see happening here?

Three potential scenarios.

In the short term, any kind of media announcement that throws the spotlight on this business -- and its unique blockchain application -- could see the share price skyrocket...

...by 200% or more in a week.

After that, it could power ahead to God knows where.

10 or 15 times current value -- before New Year’s Eve -- could be on the cards.

That’s why this needs your urgent attention.

If you’d like to take a punt on this crypto, you need to move on this yesterday.

I’m saying no more here.

All the details you need to invest right away are in my report: ‘The Great Blockchain Switchover’.

You can download this report in the next few minutes.

Before you do that, I need to tell you about...

Blockchain Switchover Stock #2
The ‘Crypto Don King’ bringing new digital coins to market...and promoting blockchain
development in Australia

I’m MEGA excited about this one...

This ‘blockchain switchover’ stock could definitely be one to benefit from the wave of speculator cash I expect to land in the coming weeks and months.

Its main business is blockchain software development.

One of its products provides a new form of credit verification, via the sharing of payment records that are cryptographically linked on the blockchain.

This software also has applications in supply chain management...anti-fraud monitoring...micro-lending...academic and professional credentials management...and trade finance.

The company also offers technical expertise to help bring new crypto coins to market -- otherwise known as ICOs.

Last year, this firm partnered up with three separate coin providers to deliver highly successful (and extremely lucrative) ICOs for each of them.

The company’s CEO is fast gaining a reputation for successfully matching new coins with deep-pocketed investors -- while promoting blockchain development across Australia.

Sort of like a ‘Crypto Don King’.

He even has the charisma...the energy...and the business- smarts to live up to that comparison.

The planets are aligning for this small tech stock

As with the other ‘blockchain switchover’ plays in my report, I see two distinct opportunities here...

> First: A short-term play.

As interest builds in blockchain and associated companies in the coming months, I expect to see a lot of speculator interest in this stock.

Any announcement from this company — related to blockchain advisory services...involvement in another ICO...or genuine revenue growth — could put a rocket under the stock price.

Again, don’t be too surprised if you see a triple-digit gain inside of a week following any media coverage...

> Second: A longer-term play.

Major corporations looking to become blockchain-enabled ahead of the great ‘switchover’ are big on ideas...but short on expertise.

This small fintech business has blockchain expertise in spades.

I fully expect larger Australian companies will reach out to this tech gem in the coming months...and that could very easily result in takeover talks.

If that happens...

The sky could be the limit for this stock

The growth potential here is truly astonishing.

So much so, I don’t even want to make a forecast...other than my general expectation of 10-to-15 times current values -- even by the end of this year.

Right now, the stock is trading for a handful of cents.

Trust me: It’s unlikely to be for much longer.

If you want to take a punt today, you need a copy of my brand-new research report: ‘The Great Blockchain Switchover’.

Details on how to download it coming up...

Before that, let me quickly tell you a bit about the final blockchain switchover stock in my report...

Blockchain Switchover Stock #3
The potential ten-bagger set to crack
the ‘cryptification’ of social media

Okay -- so you’re now familiar with several of blockchain’s applications.

You know of its potential.

But -- aside from bitcoin’s high-profile rise in 2017 -- blockchain hasn’t gone truly mainstream...yet.

Every revolutionary tech has to start somewhere, remember.

Technically, the internet -- as we know it today  -- was born in 1981, with the advent of the CSNET (Computer Science Network).

But the World Wide Web (the internet’s first major application) wasn’t created until 10 years after that...

And email wasn’t really a thing until 1993...

...And the general public couldn’t even visit a website -- in all its dial-up glory -- until around 1995.

After that – well, you know what happened.

My point is – what’s going to be blockchain’s ‘tipping point’?

The third stock in your investor report might have the answer:

Social media on the blockchain

Okay, so Facebook has two billion users worldwide.

But what IS Facebook? (Apart from a place where you can laugh at angry people and share cat GIFs.)

It’s a large centralised database.

All your personal information, collected and held by one entity...and then sold on to advertisers (and Russian spambots, allegedly).

What's the promise of blockchain?

To DE-centralise data.

So, imagine your user profile...‘likes’...photos...timeline...posts... were all secured on the blockchain?



No one can sell it to a third party.

No one (apart from you) can make money from it.

I’d say that’s pretty exciting

And that’s what this tiny ASX-listed stock is working on right now.

Its app is pretty specialised at the moment...

(In fact, it would give the game away if I told you exactly what the company is focused on right now.)

But its tech allows users to interact using blockchain ‘wallets’.

They can even earn digital currency through these interactions.

Already, the platform has 300,000 members.

220,000 of these joined up in 2017.

The company is now targeting one billion users.


Like I say -- every revolutionary tech has to start somewhere.

I can see no reason why social media on the blockchain won’t take off like a rocket. Can you?

I mean -- one of the biggest (and fairest) criticisms of Facebook is the way it handles, profiles and sells user data to advertisers.

Blockchain instantly removes that objection.

In fact, I see social media as one of blockchain’s marquee applications over the next 10 years.

That would mean a couple of things for this tiny stock...

First -- Its profile increases exponentially as its app becomes more widely used. This, in my view, would attract a deluge of crypto speculator cash...

...Potentially sending this stock up again...
by multiples unknown

Second -- Larger social media organisations that fear the blockchain threat may look to acquire this small company...and the platform it has created...

...so they can quickly develop their own product for the de-centralised age.

Again, you’re looking at the potential for big upside if this happens.

Long term, ten-to-fifteen times current value could be expected.

Now, if you’re okay with the risks involved, I reckon this could be the best punt of the lot in your report.

Right now, it won’t cost you a lot to take a sizeable stake in this -- or any -- of the blockchain businesses I’ve researched for you.

But to take full advantage of the 10-15X growth I’m expecting in the next few months for these stocks, you need to download my report today.

Not tomorrow.

Not the day after.


Luckily for you -- you CAN have my report today

You can download it to your email inbox in the next couple of minutes...and act on the stock tips immediately...if you so wish.

All I ask in return is that you agree to review my newsletter -- Small Cap Alpha -- for the next 30 days.

You are under no obligation to subscribe.

I’m just asking you to take a look -- for a month.

At the end of that month, if you don’t like it, fine.

Walk away without owing me a cent.

You can even keep the blockchain stock report. 

Now you’d have to agree -- that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Especially when you consider that you’re getting what I believe to be the three hottest blockchain plays on the ASX right now.

If you’d like to take it right away, go HERE.

But...if you’d like more information before making your decision, no worries.

Let me quickly explain how it all works...

So, every month I’ll send you a new research report.

My Small Cap Alpha report is an 8-12-page, password-protected PDF, sent to you by private email, every month.

Each report contains at least one new small-stock recommendation...for your eyes only.

The stock will be listed on the ASX.

You will be able to buy this -- and every -- stock, through your regular broker -- whether that’s online, or over the phone.

Each stock I research and recommend to you has the potential to double quickly...and then go on to make many times its then value...within a time horizon I’ll set out for you.

Exactly like the examples I showed you earlier.

Small Cap Alpha subscriber Gordon says:

I got into GSW just a little later than you said but the investment has more than doubled in a week so I can’t thank you enough.

Be clear:

The prospect of potentially doubling your money in a week is the only reason to get into small cap stock investing.

We’re not here to take big positions in expensive stocks.

We’re not in it for the dividends.

We don’t want to invest with the market.

That’s called ‘beta’ investing.

I specialise in alpha investing.

I want to beat the market.

I want to CRUSH the market.

I aim to crush the market with
every stock I recommend

Now be clear: They may not always crush the market.

They may, in fact, get crushed BY the market.

But that is the risky game we play.

That’s what you’re shooting for as one of my subscribers.

This stuff excites the heck out of me...but I ask you to be comfortable with it before taking this any further.

Now, don’t worry.

I don’t just roll the ASX tombola once-a-month and pull out a ten-cent moon shot...

Each of my monthly stock recommendations is exhaustively researched.

I’m talking days in the office. Evenings at home. Hands-free phone calls on the commute down the Nepean Highway...

The default home page on my phone’s internet browser is CoinDesk right now (true!)

Please -- check out my stock selection criteria in some of the sidebars in this letter. This stuff is hardwired in my DNA.

Small Cap Alpha subscriber John says:

I am very impressed with your solid analysis in your reports and recommendations. I’ve made back the cost of my lifetime subscription to your service over 24 times so far.

Subscriber Ben says:

I am up 84.20% which is something I have never experienced on a stock before in such a short space of time. Your research was right on the money when it came to this stock.

I can put these kinds of plays in front of you, too.

Starting with my three ‘Blockchain Switchover’ stocks.

Just say the word...

Remember -- they are risky punts.

But here’s something else I do for you -- on every tip in the Small Cap Alpha portfolio...

A smart way to manage your risk
in these ultra-sensitive stocks

Most investment analysts will tell you to use a ‘trailing stop loss’ when you buy a stock.

Perfectly good advice.

Me...I don’t like ’em.

Not in the small cap sector.

Here’s why.

Say you set a trailing stop loss on a huge, flabby, flatlining stock -- like Wesfarmers Limited [ASX:WES].

It will sit a few percent below the share price...

And sit...

And sit. Until the stock dips ever so slightly below the limit. Then it will take you out of the position.

That’s its job.

If you set a trailing stop loss on a small cap stock, it will...

Oh wait -- it just took you out of the market.

Basically, you’re lucky if you last a morning’s session before you get booted out of the game.

That’s because...

These stocks jump and swing
around like a 1950s sock-hop

They can regularly swing up and down -- by several percent -- over the course of a trading day.

Now, a five percent drop might not bother you too much if you’re shooting for 500% gains.

But if that small drop crashes through your stop loss and takes you out of the market...you then have to pay more transaction fees to your broker to get back in again.

Stuff that.

Instead, I use something called ‘position sizing’ to sensibly manage risk in our small cap trades.

I’ll explain exactly how this strategy works in one of a series of introductory emails you get as a new member of Small Cap Alpha.

In a nutshell: Each stock I recommend carries a maximum 50% risk from the entry price.

(Remember, the small cap market can be unpredictable at the best of times. We shoot for doublers in the knowledge that shares could halve just as quickly.)

To be on the safe side, I suggest investing a specific percentage of your available trading capital on each play -- based on how speculative I think each recommendation is.

I do this to help you spread your capital risk as best as I can...

And to give YOU greater control
over your investments

A whipsawing market can make even the most hard-bitten small cap investor nervous.

Using a tight stop-loss -- in my opinion -- only compounds the anxiety...while pulling you far too early out of plays that still have incredible upside potential.

If you want to play this game with me:

If you can’t do that -- trust me -- this service isn’t for you.

I promise: If the stock drops by 50% I’ll get in touch immediately via email with a sell recommendation. If you follow my advice on position sizing, you should have plenty of cash left for the next punt.

If something else happens to the stock that I don’t like...

...or something brews in the market that I think spells bad news for the company...

Again, I’ll jump right on email and let you know to sell.

My point:

I will be watching these stocks THE ENTIRE TIME

I’ll let you know whenever something changes. Whether to sell...hold...or even buy more.

That’s my job!

And it’s all part of the service you get when you sign up today.

Speaking of which -- you probably want to know what you’re getting yourself into, price wise.

Well, here’s the deal.

A 12-month subscription to Small Cap Alpha costs just $99.

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  • You can also download my urgent crypto report: THE GREAT BLOCKCHAIN SWITCHOVER: Three tiny Aussie stocks that could make you ten-to-fifteen times your money as the crypto revolution continues in 2018.

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I know...you’re probably wondering what the catch is...

How can something with the potential to make you up to fifteen times your money in 2018...only cost 99 dollars?

Well, there isn’t a catch. That’s the deal.

In fact, the deal’s about to get better.

See, when you agree to take a 30-day trial subscription today, I’ll also send you another urgent research report...

It’s about a tiny Aussie stock I believe could rocket upwards...following an announcement expected any day now.

Let me tell you about...

BONUS REPORT #1 The 25 Cent ‘Catapult’ That Could Take Everyone by Surprise (Except You)

This is completely hush hush.

I’m not even going to tell you anything about the company here...except that it is a mining explorer.

This is a risky play – I’m not going to sugar-coat it.

I even toyed with the idea of holding this tip back from you. Then I figured: You’re a grown-up. What if I explain all the risks in detail in a ‘special situation report’ -- and let you make your own mind up?

So that’s what I've done. If you’re happy to accept the risk, I believe the potential upside from this stock is absolutely huge...

Pending a potentially bullish announcement, any day now...

You need to read the report for more details...

You’ll be able to download it, the moment I receive your completed order. (Go here now to arrange everything.)

That’s not all.

There’s something else I’ve prepared for you…

It’s called...

BONUS REPORT #2 How to earn potential 50–500% paydays from ‘invisible dividends’

You won’t find them on a company’s balance sheet…

You won’t spot them on any chart…

And you’ll never see them on any analyst report or broker profile.

These ‘dividends’ are invisible to most investors.

But if you know how and where to find companies that issue them, you could enjoy ‘dividend pay-outs’ of 50%, 130%, 351%, even 584%.

This is a secret very few investment analysts know about.

But I’ll reveal everything in this second bonus report -- yours today when you take a 30-day trial of Small Cap Alpha.

Not only that: I’ve uncovered a fantastic small cap firm using ‘invisible dividends’ in much the same way Amazon did in its early years of growth.

Could it go up 49,000% over the next 20 years, like Amazon has?

No idea.

But I do think you should learn about this opportunity as quickly as you can…because 2018 is shaping up to be extremely exciting for its business...

That’s STILL not it.

Join today and you’ll also get...

The Five ‘Big Alpha’ Trends of 2018-2021

Inside this ‘alpha guide to the future’, you’ll find out exactly where the big profit opportunities lie in the months ahead, and how we’ll go hunting for them…

You’ll learn why all the pessimism in the financial markets you read about today is just plain wrong.

It’s all a big distraction that hides the TRUTH about where the world is heading.

And the truth is: There are more reasons to be optimistic and excited about the future of the world than ever before.

This report reveals five major themes I’ll be exploring -- and helping you to profit from -- in the coming issues of Small Cap Alpha. It’s yours, today, when you take a 30-day trial.

And guess what?

That STILL isn’t it!

I’m also waiting to send you...

BONUS REPORT #4 The Alpha Strategy Guide: How to Find 100-Baggers with
One of Wall Street’s Legends

This is one of my most treasured secrets…

Okay. So, virtually every blue-chip stock portfolio in existence is missing two powerful and vital ingredients.

Add these two ingredients to your small cap holdings and you could seriously raise your ‘alpha score’.

This is how you could beat the market over time.

And I mean potentially 100 times over.

That’s no misprint.

I learned this powerful strategy from a good friend of mine -- who happens to be one of the smartest (but most humble) guys to ever come out of Wall Street.

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I’m sure -- once you get the measure of me...once you see my research and full track record...once you see these crypto stocks start to twitch...

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I’m almost done. But before I go...

Thanks for giving me the chance to share the details of this exciting development
with you today

I know I’ve thrown a lot at you today.

It’s a lot to take in...but I hope you remember the important point: Blockchain technology is going to upend pretty much every industry in Australia -- starting this year.

I call this coming tech revolution The Great Blockchain Switchover...and I predict two things will happen in 2018... 

  1. Major Australian companies will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into smaller developers so they can become blockchain-enabled and stay in business...
  2. A massive wave of speculator cash will pour into small stocks that have any type of blockchain connection....

I believe this will be the next leg of the crypto boom.

And I know three ways you can invest in it for pocket change...

...I’m talking about three companies whose talents have yet to be discovered by the media...or the mainstream investment community.

If you feel there’s something in that...well, I sincerely hope you’ll give Small Cap Alpha a go -- even if only for 30 days.

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Callum Newman,
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